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How American Pickers Fans Really Feel About Robbie Wolfe

"American Pickers" has gone through some growing pains as of late. This is because the original partnership between Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz has crumbled, and Fritz is no longer on the popular show. Currently in Season 23, "American Pickers" has over 340 episodes, though these days, the focus of the show rests squarely on Mike Wolfe and his brother, Robbie.

Fritz's last appearance was in the 2020 episode "Burlesque Queen," though he is credited for several episodes after that. Fritz's absence from the show was originally from an intense back surgery and complications due to Crohn's disease that waylaid the famous picker for a spell (via Newsweek), but he was later unexpectedly fired from the show (via The U.S. Sun).

Since his departure from the series, "American Pickers" has suffered a decline in viewership, and several viewers have expressed their displeasure at how things played out for Fritz. However, how do fans feel about Fritz's replacement, Robbie?

American Pickers fans think Robbie Wolfe is boring and cheap

Converging on social media outlets with multiple threads on Reddit and Twitter, "American Pickers" fans are not happy with either Robbie Wolfe or how Frank Fritz was let go from the show.

Redditor u/Beat_Grinder started a thread about how much they have come to dislike Wolfe, saying, "It's blatantly obvious he doesn't know S*** about antiques. And MY LORD IS HE CHEAP! He pushes so hard on these poor folks that are obviously struggling and selling their heirlooms to get by. Robbie truly sickens me with his cheapness and blatant stupidity."

In another Reddit thread, u/onastockbender replied to a comment about how another user just enjoys seeing antique items, stating, "I get where you're coming from, but watching Mike's brother get put into the mix more and more turned me off the show." Yet another thread inspired u/Redripe to say that they have stopped watching the show since it started featuring much more of Robbie.

Over on Twitter, responses typically overlooked Robbie and focused instead on the person he replaced. Twitter user @rayeturner1965 said they won't be watching the show anymore since Frank left, while Twitter user @theobituary replied that "American Pickers" had become greedy. It seems, then, that some fans are still rather upset about Fritz leaving the show and aren't exactly enthusiastic about his replacement.