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Why 1000-Lb Sisters Fans Are So Divided Over Michael

TLC's "1000-lb Sisters" might center on the wellness journeys of Amy and Tammy Slaton, but a silent star of the show is Amy's husband, Michael Halterman.

Several episodes can go by without viewers hearing Michael utter a word, yet he's always by Amy's side. Over the course of the first three seasons, fans watch Michael support Amy through her difficult weight-loss journey and dangerous pregnancy with their first child, Gage. He also supports the YouTube endeavors of Amy and Tammy and agrees to have a pie tossed in his face at a meet-and-greet. Additionally, he helps care for Tammy without complaint and is usually the one pushing her wheelchair, even when she's giving him an attitude.

On the other hand, it's public knowledge that Michael isn't perfect. In 2015, Michael was arrested on a domestic violence charge in Kentucky (via SoapDirt). Though Amy and Michael seem like a good match — they're never shown fighting on "1000-lb Sisters" — some fans' opinions of Michael are varied. While some believe him to be a loving husband, father, and brother-in-law, others aren't so sure.

Some fans think Michael is supportive of Amy, others aren't so sure

On the r/1000lbsisters subreddit, one fan of the series praised Michael via clever usage of the show's titular number. "1000% Michael is the chillest, most gentle human being," u/D3imosNexus write. "Pushing and driving Tammy's ungrateful booty around, living next door to her, helping Amy through her weight loss journey along with her emotional trauma, all while being a new dad!!"

Many were in agreement that Michael seems like a good guy and that his marriage to Amy is a healthy one. Fans also gave him credit for willingly pushing Tammy around, something they also said most people wouldn't do.

However, a number of fans weren't able to find many positive qualities in Michael. In an interview with The Sun, Amy revealed that they met and started dating when she was 8 years old. Since Michael is four years older than her — in February 2022, Michael was 39 while Amy was 35 — this struck some fans as highly inappropriate. Others criticized Michael for not heeding Dr. Charles Procter's advice of waiting two years post-surgery to have a baby. Amy got pregnant mere months after her operation, which made her pregnancy extremely dangerous. 

Despite these concerning factors, some tried to give Michael the benefit of the doubt. U/leftoverrpizzza said, "He's probably grown a lot and although it's all reality TV, given her personality, I doubt Amy would put up with him abusing her..."