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The Faceoff That 1000-Lb Sisters Fans Want To See The Most

When "1000-lb Sisters" premiered on TLC in January 2020, fans took a liking to the crude humor of Amy and Tammy Slaton. Whether they were laughing over their bodily functions or discussing their love of "sodies," the sisters were a refreshing addition to the station's lineup of wellness shows. Yet with each passing season, "1000-lb Sisters" becomes less humorous. 

In Season 1, viewers watch as Amy qualifies for weight loss surgery and drops 100 pounds. Meanwhile, Tammy's food addiction grows worse. By Season 3, she's also drinking heavily in an attempt to boost her mood. Sadly, Tammy also often snaps at those who want to help her. At one point, she calls Amy stupid as her sister tries to order her prescriptions. At the start of what's supposed to be an enjoyable family vacation, Tammy refuses to get out of the van and walk the short ramp into the cabin. She also shuts down during therapy sessions, responding to the therapist in shrugs and one-word answers.

Bariatric surgeon Dr. Eric Smith is patient as he fruitlessly tries to help her see reason. In fact, he even makes a house call because he's so worried. Finally, at the end of Season 3, Dr. Smith's words sink in and Tammy agrees to return to a rehab facility. While his tactic appears to have made an impact on Tammy, fans of "1000-lb Sisters" would love to see her interact with another famous bariatric surgeon, one who wouldn't put up with any attitude.

Fans want to see a faceoff between Tammy and Dr. Now

In many ways, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, who works with morbidly obese patients on TLC's "My 600-lb Life," is the complete opposite of Dr. Smith. When a patient enters Dr. Now's program, he has a no-nonsense attitude and absolutely no time for excuses. For example, when a patient tries to say that their weight gain is simply water weight, he quickly dismisses this as untrue.

Fans desperately want to see Dr. Now interact with Tammy, who regularly makes excuses for why she can't walk, cook, or stop dating men with a fetish for larger women. On Reddit, u/boddahfly said, "I want Tammy to get eviscerated by Dr. Now."

Many were in agreement, including u/EmotionalMycologist9, who felt that Dr. Now's rigid program is exactly what Tammy needs. "Dr. Now actually makes people work for it," This user said. "Lose 60-100 pounds and not just a 1-month deal. He demands progress over enough time so it becomes a habit. Not just 'eh, lose 25 lbs and you're good...'"

Though fans are convinced a faceoff between Tammy and Dr. Now would be riveting to watch, not to mention possibly help her qualify for surgery, some don't think she could handle Dr. Now's bluntness. U/Sleuth1ngSloth said, "She would either defiantly shut down or dismiss him with some vulgar insult. She genuinely believes all the people who have tried to help her are wasting her time..."