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The Best Piece Of Dr. Now Advice According To My 600-Lb. Life Fans

Since the premiere of "My 600-Lb. Life" in 2012, bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan has become a staple on TLC. However, some viewers don't exactly love his no-nonsense personality. In each episode, Dr. Now enters the patient's room with the same greeting — "Hello, how y'all doing?" — before assigning them a strict diet and scheduling a follow-up appointment. Fans have critiqued him for being too monotone, lacking empathy, and having no bedside manner.

But on rare occasions, Dr. Now's demeanor softens a little bit. Sometimes, audiences are able to hear him offer advice that goes deeper than weight loss instructions. A prime example is a conversation with Sean Milliken, whose journey is shared on Season 4, Episode 12 of "My 600-Lb. Life" and Season 5, Episode 4 of "My 600-Lb. Life: Where Are They Now?" Though each individual featured on the series experiences difficulties in getting healthy, Sean's troubles were impossible for him to overcome.

Sean died in February 2019 after an infection led to other complications (via TMZ), yet Dr. Now never gave up on him. Many fans are also in agreement that the advice Dr. Now shared in Sean's "Where Are They Now?" episode is some of the best heard in the entire series.

Fans loved Dr. Now's constant encouragement of Sean

When the world was introduced to Sean Milliken in 2016, he weighed over 900 pounds. While in the hospital on a controlled diet, Sean lost several hundred pounds and qualified for surgery. But as recounted in his "Where Are They Now?" episode, over the next few years, Sean gained and lost hundreds of pounds as he coped with the loss of his mother.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Now fiercely tries to help Sean, who doesn't believe he's capable of making changes. "You've got a conflict between yourself and your mind. The stress has nothing to do with it. The depression has nothing to do with it. Even though those things make it harder, they're not a good enough excuse to kill yourself. Nothing is," he tells Sean. "Right now, you're at a crossroads. You decide which way you're gonna go."

Oftentimes, if a patient doesn't follow the prescribed diet and exercise plan, Dr. Now drops them from his program. This wasn't the case with Sean. Fans praised Dr. Now for not giving up on him and being the only person in his life rooting for his success, offering encouragement beyond strictly medical advice.

On Reddit, u/Pissed-Off-Panda said, "I could cry thinking about how freaking tireless Dr. Now is in helping people ... What an amazing caring doctor. He's one of a kind." U/crain90 agreed, saying, "Dr. Now tried so damn hard with Sean. Sean received more chances than anyone else I've seen on this show." U/pulchfiction added, "That man is an angel." Clearly, Dr. Now's efforts with Sean — and the words of encouragement he shared — resonated with viewers beyond the typical advice provided on the show.