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The Rick And Morty Connection You Likely Missed On Amazon's Invincible

When Amazon announced that it was working on an "Invincible" series with creator Robert Kirkman, fans were extremely excited to see the hero's adventures come to life in a faithful animated series. Thankfully, the show delivered on its promise, and "Invincible" was met with widespread critical acclaim, complete with an impressive 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The story follows Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun), the son of world-famous superhero Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons) — and the teenager follows in his father's footsteps when his own powers emerge. Like most coming-of-age superhero stories, Mark has to balance his superhero career with school, his friends, and his girlfriend Amber (Zazie Beets).

But those problems are the least of his worries when it becomes clear that Omni-Man has told some pretty big lies about who he is and his alien heritage. It all leads to a devastating battle for the fate of the planet, and fans are eager to see what happens in "Invincible" Season 2. Although work is well underway on the show's sophomore season, Amazon hasn't announced a release date for it, so we'll be waiting a little longer for Mark's return.

But in the meantime, there are plenty of smaller details and Easter eggs in the first season for fans to go back and find when rewatching it. In fact, there's a surprising "Rick and Morty" connection that you might've missed on Amazon's "Invincible."

Justin Roiland has a cameo role in Invincible

"Invincible" features plenty of well-known stars, like Steven Yeun, J.K. Simmons, Sandra Oh, Zazie Beets, Ezra Miller, and so many more. But you may not have picked up on "Rick and Morty" co-creator and star Justin Roiland's cameo role towards the end of "Invincible" Season 1. Roiland plays Doug Cheston in Episode 6, "You Look Kinda Dead" and he shows up in the opening of the episode as a drunk college student trying to hit on a couple of girls walking through the campus. He's played as an entitled jerk, pointing out that his dad owns half of the university.

Unfortunately, all that money doesn't stop Doug from being kidnapped by D.A. Sinclair (Miller) a disturbed genius at the university who experiments on his fellow students to create cyborg hybrids, called ReAnimen. Doug winds up being transformed into a mindless monster and is sent into the campus later on in the episode to cause chaos. He even fights Invincible for a while before realizing what he's been turned into. He then commits suicide by impaling himself on a statue.

It's a pretty fitting cameo for Roiland, considering all the monstrous mayhem that unfolds in "Rick and Morty."

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