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Invincible Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot And More Details

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It's hard to believe, but once upon a time, the only superheroes most people knew about were big names like Spider-Man and Batman. Now, superheroes of all stripes dominate the multiplex while every cable channel and streaming service wants their own high-flying adventure to draw people in. Amazon Prime wasn't even content with having one superhero TV series in the form of "The Boys" — it soon added another big name to its roster with "Invincible."

Based on the Image Comics series created by Robert Kirkman of "The Walking Dead" fame, "Invincible" follows young Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun), who receives amazing abilities from his alien DNA. This side of his heritage comes from his father, Nolan (J.K. Simmons), who's better known to the world at large as Omni-Man. Mark becomes the superhero known as Invincible, and embarks on a journey to help the planet. But he soon finds himself on the wrong side of his father, who's harboring some dark secrets. 

With Season 1 in the rearview mirror, fans are waiting anxiously for more episodes. Fortunately, there are plenty more stories to tell, as the series was picked up for both a second and third season shortly after the Season 1 finale aired. What can we expect from Mark's story? Here's all the information we have on "Invincible" Season 2 so far. 

When will Invincible Season 2 be released?

Episode 1 of "Invincible" Season 2 will hit Amazon Prime on November 3, 2023. From that point on, one new episode will drop every week. However, fans will still have a bit of waiting to do to enjoy Season 2 in full. The eight-part season has been split into two halves, which will air in two different time frames. This means that fans will get to enjoy four new episodes, starting November 3 ... and then they'll have to wait again.

Fortunately, this wait will be quite a bit shorter than the last one: The second half of Season 2 will air in early 2024. Some industry pundits speculate this split is due to the 2023 Hollywood strikes, which have made studios interested in maximizing everything they've got that's ready to air. In a conversation with Collider, Robert Kirkman offered a different explanation. "I think narratively, it's kind of cool to have that pause to digest what you've just experienced," he remarked. "And when you see Episode 4 of Season 2, you may need a break. It's a big episode. It's definitely a mid-season finale kind of episode. And with everything going on in that time of year with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and a lot of family time, I think a lot of shows get lost in the shuffle there, and so I think it's good to take a pause. And narratively, it's gonna make things hit a little bit harder. And people will know what I'm talking about when the season launches."

What's the plot for Invincible Season 2?

Season 1 sets up plenty of plot threads. The biggest is Omni-Man's abandonment of Earth, making Mark the only Viltrumite around. The Season 2 trailer revealed at SDCC indicates he'll soon be back; it contains a brief clip of Omni-Man telling Mark he should have died at birth. Mark's relationship to his father will be central to this season: As Robert Kirkman put it in an interview with Polygon, "In some sense, Season 1 is Mark wanting to be his dad, and Season 2 is Mark being terrified that he might be his dad."

But this bond won't be the sole focus of the season. As Kirkman revealed to IGN, "'Invincible' is a big story ... it's not just Mark and Nolan over, and over, and over again." One particularly major crux of Season 2 will be the antagonism between Mark and Angstrom Levy. A maniac with the ability to travel across dimensions, Levy is fixated on destroying Mark. Notably, Sterling K. Brown's performance in the role has made Levy quite different from his comics incarnation. Kirkman gushed over these differences, noting, "There's just a sympathy for Angstrom Levy that comes through much more than I expected, and that's all Sterling."

Season 2's trailers also reveal we'll be meeting a plethora of new characters. Kirkman further revealed some interesting story tidbits in an interview with Collider. Season 2, Episode 4 is apparently a real doozy, while Episode 7 contains a scene he was especially excited to adapt. The Coalition of Planets, an interstellar organization geared towards peace, will also take center stage in Season 2, widening the show's universe exponentially.

Who is starring in Invincible Season 2?

"Invincible" has an absolutely stacked voice cast. While plenty of characters bite the dust in Season 1, most of the show's actors will return to reprise their parts in Season 2. That includes the main cast, consisting of Steven Yeun as Mark Grayson, Sandra Oh as Debbie Grayson, Gillian Jacobs as Atom Eve, Jason Mantzoukas as Rex Splode, Walton Goggins as Cecil Stedman, and Zachary Quinto as Robot. As for Omni-Man, voiced by J.K. Simmons? Well, he may have flown far away from Earth in the Season 1 finale, but he'll be returning as well.

A number of other impressive names will join "Invincible" in Season 2. This sterling list includes Jay Pharoah, Rhea Seehorn, Kari Wahlgren, Calista Flockhart, Sterling K. Brown, Tatiana Maslany, Daveed Diggs, Paul F. Tompkins, Ben Schwartz, and Phil Lamarr. This isn't just exciting — it makes "Invincible" one of the most talent-stuffed shows currently on the air.

Who is directing and writing Invincible Season 2?

"Invincible" was created Robert Kirkman, who also wrote the original Image Comics series. He also serves as a writer on the streaming series, alongside talented folks like Curtis Gwinn and Simon Racioppa. In terms of directorship, Jeff Allen has helmed the most episodes of the series so far; he's served as director or co-director on eight installments. Other directors include Paul Furminger, Cory Evans, and Jae Harm.

Will this talented team be back for Season 2? We're willing to bet the answer is yes. Many of them have been busy since Season 1; Furminger, for example, has worked on "New Tales from the Borderlands" and "Psi Cops." However, "Invincible" is a headline-making series with sparkling reviews and strong viewership to its name. Who wouldn't want to stay put on a series like that?

Is there a trailer for Invincible Season 2?

The official trailer for "Invincible" Season 2 is tense, exciting, and hugely intriguing. It begins with Mark agonizing over the prospect of becoming his father. Eager to avoid this, he pushes himself to do good deeds — but new obstacles soon rear their heads. Chief among them is Angstrom Levy, who spends this trailer showing off his incredible multidimensional powers. Others doubt Mark's nature: A gravelly voice pointedly snarls, "Your powers don't make you a hero. They make you dangerous." It all ends with a chilling and ambiguous glimpse of Mark on a viewscreen, telling the people of Earth to stop resisting him.  

The "Invincible" Season 2 teaser trailer is just as packed with meaningful tidbits. It begins with Mark's high school graduation ... which he is not attending. Instead, we see him fly past skyscrapers, indicating his superheroic activities are muscling in on the rest of his life. His life seems to have become fraught in all kinds of ways, really: His mother is anguished, other superheroes don't trust him, and plenty of people would like to see him dead. He's no pushover, though: At one point, Mark darkly intones, "You have no idea what I'm capable of."

The final two clips of the trailer are especially potent. In the first, a Viltrumite figure muses that Viltrumites have not fought each other since an enigmatic event known as "the great purge." In the second, Omni-Man looks callously at a figure we can only assume is Mark, and spits, "You should have died at birth."

What will Invincible Season 2 be rated?

It's been a long time since the general public assumed all superhero-hero centric media is kids' stuff. This is the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after all — millions of grown adults pay to see good buys in bright costumes beat up evil-doers every single year. But a superhero series that is exclusively for adults is still a bit of a novelty. Sure, the whole world knows about "Watchmen" and "The Boys" nowadays, but seeing a caped crusader do something awful is still somewhat shocking.

So it goes with "Invincible," which is rated TV-MA. This is the highest rating a TV series can get, denoting a program that contains intense violence, sexuality, and disturbing themes. As fans know, that fits "Invincible" to a tee — especially when it comes  to violence. This series has dropped jaws all over the world with its propensity for vicious, bloody combat. Season 2 is sure to be just as deserving of its TV-MA rating as Season 1.

Where to watch previous seasons of Invincible

Looking to dive into the colorful and chaotic world of "Invincible"? Then you need to head over to Amazon Prime. This isn't just the series' streaming home — it's the service it was created for. It's so tied to Amazon, in fact, that it can't be watched anywhere else. You won't find it on Netflix, Google Play, or Hulu — it's Amazon Prime or nothing.

However, there is another way to engage with the "Invincible" story — you can read the original comics. Volumes of Image Comics' "Invincible" can be purchased from Bookshop.org, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or borrowed from your local library