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This Is Where Some Came Running Was Actually Filmed

Based on the James Jones novel of the same name, the 1958 film "Some Came Running" sees the first-ever on-screen team-up of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. The film, which takes place during the late 1940s, sees Dave (Sinatra) return to his hometown as a war veteran. He is followed by a naïve but big-hearted woman who finds an attraction to him. 

Now, Dave struggles to pick between her and a college professor he strikes a romance with, all while dealing with family drama and a gambling alcoholic friend. It went on to earn positive reviews (per Rotten Tomatoes) and garnered five Oscar nominations. These included best supporting actress for Shirley Maclaine ("Terms of Endearment," "Steel Magnolias") and Martha Hyer, best supporting actor for Arthur Kennedy ("Lawrence of Arabia"), best costume design, and best original song for "To Love and Be Loved."

Being that the film aims to capture the nostalgic feel of small-town America, the locations involved are crucial to ensuring the movie hits its mark. So just where did the crew choose to set "Some Came Running"?

Most of the film was shot in Indiana

As the film takes place in Indiana, the home state of James Jones, much of "Some Came Running" was shot within the state. Taking place in the fictional town of Parkman, Indiana, the majority of the production was filmed within Madison and Terre Haute, Indiana (via Turner Classic Movies). Some of the notable shooting locations included Hanover College, where Martha Hyer's Gwen French teaches college classes, and the Ohio River in Milton, Kentucky. Shot in gorgeous CinemaScope, director Vincente Minnelli made the very best of the location, shooting as little as he could on the MGM soundstage in Los Angeles, California (via IndyStar). The lush cinematography allows every last detail of the small town to come alive, making it feel almost like a character within the film itself. 

Contrasting from the town's friendly appearance on screen, much of the cast supposedly disliked their experience shooting in Madison. Originally reported by TIME Magazine, when citizens discovered that a film starring such A-listers would be shooting in their area, there was much excitement. Many of the days spent filming would see crowds surround the crew to get a glimpse of the shoot. Frank Sinatra is reported to have uttered harsh comments at onlookers while shooting the bus scene, and Arthur Kennedy and Shirley Maclaine found their phone calls being listened to by hotel clerks (via IndyStar).