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Here's Who's Hosting The Saturday Night Live Season Finale

The untold truth of "Saturday Night Live" involves all sorts of behind-the-scenes shenanigans, but when it comes to the show's guest hosts, few things are left untold. There's a reason the "SNL" host gig remains one of the highest-profile evenings that an entertainer can hope to have. Thanks to the massive coverage the show receives — especially when it gets some star power in the guest host spot — the best and worst "Saturday Night Live" hosts go down in history, whether they like it or not. 

And that's what happens if you host a regular old "SNL" episode. For a season finale, the stakes are high, and the potential prestige is considerable. As the current season of the show nears its end, fans are waiting with interest to find out who gets to stand in the brightest of "Saturday Night Live" guest host spotlights this year. The wait is now over — here's who's hosting the "Saturday Night Live" season finale. 

Natasha Lyonne is your SNL finale host

Natasha Lyonne is hosting the "Saturday Night Live" season finale (per Entertainment Weekly), and fans of "Orange Is the New Black" and "Russian Doll" already know that they have nothing to worry about. Lyonne's inimitable presence and impeccable comedic sensibilities have enabled her to shine in her own projects, and may very well make her a great fit to host an ensemble sketch show like "SNL," as well.

Lyonne hasn't hosted "Saturday Night Live" yet, but she seems to be more than ready for the challenge. On her official Twitter account, she retweeted the show's host announcement, and added her own short, yet very telling comment. "Thank you @nbssnl!!!! Over the moon!!" she wrote. 

Since Lyonne is heading toward the hosting gig with six exclamation marks' worth of enthusiasm, it's easy to believe that she'll knock it out of the park. 

You can watch Natasha Lyonne host the "Saturday Night Live" season finale on May 21 on NBC.