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Who Plays Gator On Yellowstone?

There is no doubt that Paramount Network's modern western "Yellowstone" has been a major hit. In its four seasons, the chronicles of the Dutton family have grown in popularity and even given way to a prequel courtesy of the Paramount+ series "1883." Co-created by "Sicario" and "Hell or High Water" writer Taylor Sheridan, the "Yellowstone" helmer has a history as a real-life cowboy, which is evident in his writing. Kevin Costner's patriarch John Dutton rules the family with an iron fist as the complexities of the modern world encroach on their ancestral ranch. Populated with nuanced characters such as siblings and rivals Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley), there are many standouts among the cast of the series. 

But the Dutton household would not be complete without their beloved cook Gator (Gabriel Gator Guilbeau). Though he only pops in briefly from episode to episode, he is an important part of the fabric of the world. And the real-life Gator has had an impressive career in a surprising way.

Gator started out as the real-life caterer for Yellowstone

Gator makes delectable delights for his onscreen family, but it doesn't always go over well. To his dismay, his efforts can go unappreciated, as the Duttons often opt to not eat the adventurous food Gator puts in front of them. The good news for Gator is that, in real life, the cast and crew of "Yellowstone" are more appreciative of his cooking. Gator actually shares his name with the man who plays him because Gabriel Gator Guilbeau is the real-life on-set caterer for "Yellowstone."

In a behind-the-scenes look at "Yellowstone," Gator opens up about his time on the show and how he got to make his on-screen debut. With deep roots in Louisiana, Gator comes from a Cajun family, which informs his style of cooking. And the cast and crew of the show wouldn't have it any other way. Cast members such as Ian Bohen, who plays ranch hand Ryan, state that Gator is indispensable to the set. He is always there to make people feel better through his food. "I'm feeding cowboys off the camera and on the camera," Gator jokes. His indispensable culinary skills were part of the reason why he ended up being cast as the Dutton's personal cook.

Though "Yellowstone" is Gator's only acting credit, he has experience in the entertainment industry. Gator has served on many sets as a craft services professional, including "Jurassic World" and "American Horror Story" (via IMDb). However, he may be most notable for trying to serve the Dutton family grilled octopus.