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Parks And Recreation Fans Have A Hot Take About Jerry

Even roughly seven years after its conclusion, there are very few sitcoms out there that could even claim to hold a candle to the sheer cast memorability of the workplace comedy series "Parks and Recreation." From legendary leading characters like Amy Poehler's cheery firecracker Leslie Knope and Nick Offerman's gruff Ron Swanson to iconic recurring roles like Ben Schwartz as the hyperactive Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, the show had a unique knack for crafting characters that were equally hilarious and heartwarming to watch.

However, there's one particular member of the cast who remained throughout its entire run that fans have especially complex opinions on — Jim O'Heir, who played the bumbling parks department worker Jerry Gergich. For the majority of his appearances, Jerry was usually the butt of the joke, to the point that other characters would legitimately forget his name at times and call him Gary, Larry, Terry, or some other rhyming name. As it turns out, though, some fans have a specific opinion about Jerry as a character that others may be surprised to find they agree with.

Jerry helped hold up the show in later seasons

Jerry may have often been derided by the other characters as a good-for-nothing person, but it seems that some "Parks and Recreation" fans felt that his presence was far from useless. In a recent discussion thread posted on the r/PandR subreddit, Reddit user u/Previous-Giraffe-962 argued that Jerry had one of the most consistent portrayals throughout the entire series. "Hot take: Jerry was a cornerstone of the show in later seasons," read the post's title. "He provided much [needed] comedic relief when other characters declined."

Commenters on the post echoed this sentiment of appreciation for Jerry and noted that his goofy nature actually became something of a comforting presence as other characters endured myriad hardships and complex development arcs. "I think the arc for many of the characters on that show is finding their personal success and happiness and it typically looks (very) different from what they originally wanted," user u/Philip_7raum commented. "I love that Gary [sic] was ultimately just farther down the road on that same path and that the others eventually realized that. His lack of transformation made everyone else's a bit more meaningful."

While the character was not really in the spotlight at all for the duration of the show, it's clear that Jerry has his own loyal fanbase among viewers. Perhaps it's time to sit down for another "Parks and Recreation" re-watch to give Jerry the appreciation he deserves.