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The Marvel Character You Likely Didn't Know Yellowstone's Atticus Todd Played

Paramount's "Yellowstone" has quickly proved itself as one of the most popular shows on TV (via The Hollywood Reporter). Audiences can't stop tuning in to the drama that unfolds around the Dutton family and their ranch near the titular national park. The series was created by critically acclaimed writer and director Taylor Sheridan, whom fans might recognize as Danny Boyd on "Veronica Mars" or Deputy Chief David Hale from "Sons of Anarchy." But he's flourished in the last decade thanks to writing "Sicario," its sequel, "Sicario: Day of the Soldado," and "Hell or High Water."

Paramount has been so impressed with "Yellowstone" that it commissioned a number of spin-offs of the series, including "1883," which started airing in December 2021. The prequel explores the story behind the Duttons and how they came to own the ranch in the first place. In the present day, the ranch borders a Native American reservation — Broken Rock. Some of the people living on the reservation — like Chief Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) — want to oust the Dutton family from their ranch because they feel the land belongs to them.

Rainwater is helped by tribal police officers like Ben Waters (Atticus Todd), who shows up across the first three seasons of "Yellowstone." But before his time on the Broken Rock reservation, Todd played a surprising character on a Marvel TV series.

Atticus Todd plays Winston in Agent Carter

For anyone who hasn't seen "Agent Carter," the ABC Marvel Television series follows the exploits of Hayley Atwell's titular spy after Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) crashes into the ice at the end of "Captain America: The First Avenger." The first season sees Peggy Carter try to prove that Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) is innocent after he's accused of selling weapons to the United States' enemies — and she relocates to the West Coast in Season 2 to go up against the Secret Empire. Unfortunately, ABC canceled the series after its second season in 2016, but Atwell has reprised her role as Peggy Carter a few times since the show's ending.

"Yellowstone" fans will spot Atticus Todd in Season 1, Episode 2, "Bridge and Tunnel," when Chief Roger Dooley (Shea Whigham) and Agent Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) interview the president of Roxxon Oil, Hugh Jones (Ray Wise). Todd plays Jones' butler, Winston, who pours drinks for his boss and the agents during the meeting. Winston is also there when Peggy arrives to scan the women at Roxxon for Vita Radiation.

It's not a huge role for Todd, but it was a stepping stone to work on other shows like "Criminal Minds" and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" before he joined "Yellowstone."