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The Real-Life Hotel Where Upload's Lakeview Scenes Were Actually Filmed

In March of 2022, the Amazon Prime Video comedy "Upload" returned for a second season. Whereas its first season ran for 10 episodes in total, Season 2 was a shorter seven episodes in length, following production complications resultant from the ongoing pandemic.

Season 2 of "Upload" maintains a high-concept approach to comedy the series establishes in Season 1, which introduces audiences to computer programmer Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell). Very early on, Nathan dies, triggering his consciousness to be reborn in a perhaps unrealistic digital afterlife. While various patrons of this service can effectively upload their consciousnesses to different kinds of afterlives, Nathan ends up in an idyllic environment known as Lakeview.

In the fiction of the series, Lakeview is presented as utopian, befitting of its residents' decisions to exist there after death. Of course, the show's Lakeview scenes were filmed at a real-life locale, meaning that what acts as a sort of heaven in "Upload" actually exists right here on Earth.

The Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz is the real-life Lakeview

As detailed in an article on the Upstate New York-based news site NYUp.com, the exterior shots that establish the Lakeview location in "Upload" are of a real-life hotel called the Mohonk Mountain House, located in New Paltz, New York. The article also notes that, whereas the balance of the series is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, the show's crew spent four days in total filming exterior shots and at least one indoors scene at the Mohonk Mountain House.

One user on the subreddit for fans of "Upload" even shared a photo from a time they visited the scenic hotel. In the replies below their post, a few commenters shared their thoughts about the hotel's amenities. User mountainsandmoor, for instance, wrote, "The hikes are wonderful in the area! Try the lemon squeeze hike. Also, Sunday brunch at Mohonk is SO GOOD." Meanwhile user hc1120 commented, "It's amazing—we went for my birthday last year. Absolutely beautiful and the food is incredible!"

Unfortunately for "Upload" fans hoping for a taste of the real-life Lakeview, NYUp.com notes that one night at the Mohonk Mountain House can cost up to $2,600, perhaps befitting of a spot meant to approximate heaven.