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Why Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 19 Doesn't Sit Right With Some Fans

"Blue Bloods," the hit CBS police procedural series following the Reagan family and their lives as members of the New York Police Department, is still going strong even after all these years. The show just wrapped up Season 12 and is showing no signs of slowing down, with a 13th season already in the works. Likewise, the show's fan base is just as devoted as ever, with many eagerly watching each new installment to see the latest developments and storylines for their favorite characters.

Unfortunately, one of the most recent episodes — specifically Season 12, Episode 19, titled "Tangled Up in Blue" — didn't sit right with some "Blue Bloods" devotees. The episode was set up just as any other typical outing for the show, featuring several concurrent plots for Jamie, Frank, Henry, and Erin, and didn't really deviate from the norm on its face. However, the handling of a certain few elements embedded within the episode was enough to rub some fans the wrong way and leave them with an overall negative impression of the installment.

Tangled Up in Blue had strange plot threads

"Tangled Up in Blue" fittingly saw several members of the Reagan family tangled up in some sticky situations. Jamie gets into hot water when he attends a party and unknowingly consumes refreshments laced with drugs, Frank and Henry butt heads over health issues, and Erin contends with a stalker. However, some viewers felt that elements of these storylines were handled poorly.

On a recently posted discussion thread on the r/bluebloods subreddit, u/axarce argued that the episode had some strange writing choices, such as how no one was arrested in Jamie's storyline for lacing the food with drugs, how Frank acted very out of character when it came to his issues with Henry, and how Erin's stalker had a bizarre ability to escape harrowing situations completely unscathed.

Other users validated the user's sentiments. "Yeah a lot of weird writing choices," u/2Blitz commented. "Feels like a huge chunk of the episode was missing too. Super rushed. They need to chill with the multiple storylines if they cant [sic] fit it within the runtime."

While this perceived dip in writing quality may be worrisome for some fans, the series has definitely had spotty moments before and has always pushed past them to get back to its usual level of quality. Hopefully, the strange writing decisions made in this particular "Blue Bloods" episode were nothing more than an odd fluke.