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The Bizarre Crossover Seinfeld Fans Want To See

After finishing 9 seasons on the air, the ground-breaking sitcom "Seinfeld" became a massive hit in syndication for parent network NBC, apparently making $3 billion in profits over the years (via Fox Business). That might explain why the so-called "show about nothing" was adopted by a whole new generation attuned to the Internet Age. 

Millennials and Generation Y grew up watching the petty adventures of Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) and George Costanza (Jason Alexander) on network and basic cable television. Their extreme familiarity with the show destined "Seinfeld" to become the obsessive object of a plethora of memes and parody tweets on social media. One Twitter account that imagined "Seinfeld" plots set in the modern era even received 700,000 followers before ending in 2015.

Online fans have also developed increasingly creative methods for making fun of the show's characters. Indeed, fans have found unique ways to merge "Seinfeld" with everything from "Breaking Bad" (via Reddit) to "Mandy" (via Twitter). As demonstrated by a number of Redditors, one particularly ridiculous proposal for a "Seinfeld" crossover with another equally powerful '90s pop-culture touchstone has a lot of creative potential.

Seinfeld fans depict the show tying into The Matrix

In a thread posted to the r/Seinfeld subreddit, a joke by Twitter user @ThiccSonic imagined that George was offered the red and blue pills given to Neo by Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). The joke supposes that, instead of taking either of them, George would turn Morpheus down simply because he didn't have any water to take them with. Kramer (Michael Richards) would then walk in with a leather jacket on, implying he took the red pill and is now the One like Neo (Keanu Reeves).

The parody perfectly captured how "Seinfeld" characters might react to "The Matrix" and inspired many comments on how this "Seinfeld Matrix" crossover would work. u/Astronaut100 assumed George would consider the Matrix simulation better than the alternative. "They feed us, they clean us, and take some of our energy in return," the user wrote, assuming George's ultra lazy persona. "I mean, is that so bad?"

Similarly, u/spankymuffin wrote a scene in which Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) discovers that George might be the One. In typical Elaine fashion, she would simply yell, "Get OUT!" Meanwhile, u/dannychean suggested that Jerry would riff on the concept in his comedy sets: "Isn't that putting a lot of pressure on the guy? You are the ONE to save us all! You are our only hope!! BUT I JUST GOT HERE!" 

The thread shows what true "Seinfeld" fans know to be true; even if the gang found out their lives were a simulation created by evil machines, they'd still be the same trivial, ridiculous quartet that viewers know and love.