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The Lavish Present Jerry Seinfeld Gifted The Seinfeld Cast When The Show Ended

Gifts are often a source of anxiety and strife in the "Seinfeld" universe. The gift of a cashmere sweater with a small red dot reveals its giver as an incurable cheapskate. The wedding gift of a big-screen TV goes unreturned after the couple's breakup soon after. The credit for a big salad gift is casually but deliberately stolen. Then, of course, there's the perennial debate over the ethics of regifting.

This history might lead you to expect that the show's namesake, Jerry Seinfeld, would not be an eager or thoughtful gift giver. But fortunately for the cast of the infamous two-part "Seinfeld" finale (entitled, of course, "The Finale"), the comedian does appear to have delivered a pretty sweet parting gift to everyone who came back to close out the series.

Make no mistake, there were no tell-tale red dots or regifted label makers being handed out after shooting wrapped on the final episode of "Seinfeld."

Patrick Warburton revealed the fancy gift in an interview

In a 2016 News.com.au interview, Patrick Warburton, known to "Seinfeld" fans as the not-very-bright David Puddy, was asked about his involvement in "The Finale," the controversial series finale of "Seinfeld." Specifically, he was asked if he received any kind of farewell gift from series star and co-creator Jerry Seinfeld following his work in the show's last episode. Warburton's answer was short and sweet: "We all got a lovely Cartier watch that said 'Seinfeld' underneath."

Warburton doesn't elaborate, so it's not crystal clear who is included in the "we all." While he could've meant the entire cast of the cameo-stuffed two-parter or just the recurring cast of supporting characters — a member of which Puddy becomes in the show's final season — it seems more likely it's the former. Either way, we do know that Seinfeld was apparently handing out custom Cartier wristwatches, which would be an incredible memento from time spent on one of the most iconic sitcoms ever made. It would make a pretty great regift too.