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The Yellowstone Character Fans Agree Is The Silent Workhorse Of The Series

"Yellowstone" has made quite the impact in recent years. Since debuting on screens back in 2018, the contemporary Western has broken viewership records and gained heaps of critical acclaim in the process, as evidenced by its 82% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes. On top of that, the success of the Paramount Network series has birthed a franchise courtesy of the recent spin-off "1883," as well as the upcoming "6666." 

Of course, "Yellowstone" can also be credited for cementing the careers of its top-tier cast. The ensemble is loaded with strong character actors and Western veterans, including the one and only Kevin Costner. In "Yellowstone," Costner plays John Dutton, the patriarch of a rancher family who must protect their land from the various threats that want to take it from them. Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, and Kelsey Asbille also feature in important roles, playing prominent members of the Dutton clan.

John and his family are always front and center of attention in "Yellowstone." That said, there is one character who has become a huge fan favorite, despite mostly being presented as a background player.

Yellowstone fans agree that Mo is the silent workhorse of the series

According to some "Yellowstone" fans on Reddit, Mo (Mo Brings Plenty) is the unsung workhorse of the Paramount Network series. As the driver of chief Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham), Mo has appeared in 31 episodes at the time of this writing (per IMDb), and his outings haven't gone unnoticed by some of the show's most passionate viewers.

For Redditor u/ViperRFH, the character displays a number of admirable qualities every time he appears on the screen. "Mo is hands down my favorite character of the show – he exudes class, purity, genuineness, and silent wisdom but it actually goes a little beyond an actor playing a character," they wrote. "I get the impression the guy he's playing is actually him and he doesn't have to be sleazy or brash to be a good character."

Fellow Redditor u/rasputinpastry agreed with this sentiment, stating that Mo is admirable as he is much wiser than some of the other characters. "He also seems to be above the petty BS that permeates most of the characters on the show," they added.

Elsewhere, some "Yellowstone" fans believe that Mo would be the ideal character to center an entire series around. "I'm ready for the Mo and Kayce spin-off, where they both wander the plains, righting wrongs, standing up for the little guys, and exploring Native American traditions," said u/MontanaJoey.