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Who Plays Officer Fucci On Blue Bloods?

"Blue Bloods" is a big show that requires a big cast. With seasons typically containing 22 episodes and an ensemble of crime fighters to follow in New York City, there is seemingly no limit to the characters that will be introduced in the CBS drama. Some pop up repeatedly as supporting players in the world of the Reagan family, even though they are never quite the main focus, such as Officers Cosgrove or Fucci. 

The main cast of "Blue Bloods" has its fair share of stars, from original "Magnum P.I." lead Tom Selleck to "Saw II" actor Donnie Wahlberg to Bridget Moynahan, who appeared in major film projects like "I, Robot" and "Battle: Los Angeles" before joining the series. The main cast is undeniably talented, but the show's ambition to realistically depict police and the various daily work and home issues they deal with would completely fall apart if the smallest parts of the cast were not just as convincing.

Similar to many other supporting cop characters, Officer Fucci can be found in scenes with main characters like Detectives Danny Reagan (Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez), usually getting them caught up before they enter a homicide scene. The uniformed officer has appeared in six episodes of "Blue Bloods" from 2019 to 2021, and this is the up-and-coming actor who plays her. 

Officer Fucci is played by Theresa Tirone

Officer Fucci is played by Theresa Tirone, an actor whose career seems to just be beginning with these "Blue Bloods" episodes as a foundation. Prior to the CBS series, she is only credited with a nameless character in the 2019 movie "Life Coach," as well as a part in a short film called "Three Sides of a Circle" (via IMDb). She is continuing her acting career though, next appearing in the TV series "Saint Harlow." 

Tirone's parts in "Blue Bloods" episodes are small but sometimes integral. In Season 11, Episode 11, titled "Guardian Angels," she opens the show by introducing Reagan and Baez to their latest case, a victim murdered and left in a dumpster in the snowy streets of New York City. Tirone's episodes begin in Season 10 and end in Season 12, at least for now. In Season 12, she is credited in two episodes, "True Blue" and "Firewall." She can be tough to spot in some of the episodes she's credited with, but she brings the right amount of authenticity to the character and world when called upon. 

There are a number of characters like Fucci that could likely lead their own "Blue Bloods" storylines if cameras continued to follow them beyond their scenes, and it's that level of care and energy that can make a story feel real, as "Blue Bloods" has clearly done for its fans since debuting in 2010.