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Why Some Moon Knight Fans Think Harrow Was Right All Along

Marvel's "Moon Knight" takes fans on a globe-trotting adventure through this world and the next, hopping from Cairo to the Egyptian afterlife and the realm of the gods. Starring Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, a mercenary with multiple personalities and the god of the night sky rattling around in his brain, the show explores trauma, redemption, and much more with the typifying flair of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marc is the avatar of Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham), and throughout the first season of "Moon Knight," he faces off against Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), the avatar of Khonshu's rival, the goddess Ammit (Saba Mubarak). Khonshu chooses Marc as his earthly representation after the mercenary stumbles into one of the moon god's temples on the verge of death, and is revived after swearing an oath to Khonshu.

Harrow was Khonshu's previous avatar before Marc and resents the bird-beaked god for manipulating him, a grievance he loudly airs at a trial held by the gods, as well as to Marc throughout the season. By the end of the season, Harrow and the rest of Ammit's followers have been defeated along with her, leaving Khonshu victorious. But some fans of the show think Harrow may have been right all along about the god he once served.

Moon Knight fans agree with Harrow about Khonshu

After the events of the explosive "Moon Knight" Season 1 finale, fans swarmed to discuss the episode on Reddit, with many horrified at Khonshu's manipulation. The final episode reveals that Khonshu is more in control than Marc or Steven ever knew because the third personality, Jake Lockley, is fully willing to do the moon god's dirty work. As a result of this reveal, a number of fans seem to agree with Harrow about Khonshu. U/PepperDoesStuff set the tone, writing, "Khonshu is such a garbage bag. He is actually exploiting Mark's mental illness. It's exactly what Harrow accused him of in that trial. I 100% believe Harrow's assertion that Khonshu was horrible to him now."

Some fans pointed out that Khonshu is an equally dark figure in the comics. In fact, at one point, the comic version of Khonshu invents a version of the psych ward we see in the show just to keep Marc under his sway. As u/whereismymind86 put it, "As an example, in the 2016 comics, the asylum is implied to be an illusion created by Ammit ... but we ultimately discover it's created by Khonshu as a way to manipulate Marc and keep him in a vulnerable, and thus, obedient, state."

When it comes to Harrow, some fans think Khonshu's manipulative behavior casts him in a more sympathetic light, with u/SlightCarpet writing, "Harrow actually doesn't seem that 'evil', just severely traumatized from working with Khonshu." With the potential for a second season of "Moon Knight," it's possible we haven't seen the extent of what Khonshu is truly capable of, but plenty of fans hope he'll simply leave Marc alone.