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The Most Intimidating Villain On Ozark According To Fans

Throughout the four unsettling seasons of Netflix's "Ozark," the show was crammed with characters who could be scientifically described as "really bad dudes." From drug lords to corrupt cops, Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) and his family were always a stone's throw away from someone they probably shouldn't be throwing stones at. Skirting a fine line between death and dodgy deals, the money launderer and his family had a whole host of wrongdoers come and go, begging the question of which was the scariest one of the bunch?

Such a matter would, of course, need to be handled by only the greatest of experts, which is why fans of the show took to Reddit to pick apart the worst and most loathsome evildoers found in Netflix's nasty crime saga. Upon review, there was one character who, despite a somewhat premature and sudden departure, did enough with the time he was given on the show to leave fans fearful all these years later.

Fans rank Camino Del Rio as Ozark's best big bad with a very close runner up

Debuting in the first season, Camino Del Rio (Esai Morales) was a lieutenant to the Navarro cartel and a man who proved himself not to be trifled with lightly. In highlighting the best of the worst in a discussion thread on the r/Ozark subreddit, more than one "Ozark" fan pointed to Del. 

"Del was hands down the best villain in the series," u/ginger2020 wrote. "Calm, cultured, and utterly ruthless." Another user quickly agreed with this sentiment. "Shame he was killed off very early," u/kzoxp wrote. "Truly frightening presence." Interestingly, u/Ng10022 made a comparison to key characters from "The Godfather," saying, "Del was too wild, the equivalent of Sonny Corleone, but not a Michael [Corleone]."

Besides Del though, one other name was thrown into the mix that may have been a close contender — the very person who executed Del at the end of the first season. "I think Darlene was scarier than this guy because she killed most people for saying the wrong thing in the middle of the conversation," argued u/DisruptiveBee. "This guy killed you for something you did to him, so you kind of had a choice not to screw him to save yourself. But with Darlene, you didn't even know which word will set her off." 

In the end, neither managed to see the end of the Emmy-award-winning series, but there's no denying they both left a sizable impact on the show's legacy.