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Marty Byrde's Worst Moment In Ozark Season 4 Part 2

When it comes to "Ozark" Season 4, Part 2, it feels like the man who went into business with drug cartels is the one who has the least amount of grip on the chaos unfolding around him. In the closing chapters of the series, Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) is pulled in all directions. If it's not his immediate family, it's the one with an empire destroying itself from the inside out and the FBI keeping an eye on all of it while it does so.

It's here that Jason Bateman's Dad of the Year finds himself in the murkiest depths he's ever been in with the Navarro cartel, as Omar appoints him as his right-hand man. With his employer behind bars, Marty briefly finds himself working as the leader of the Navarro cartel. The only issue (that should surprise absolutely no one) is that it's something Marty clearly isn't cut out for, particularly when it comes to sniffing out a rat.

After being handed the reins of the Navarro cartel, Marty has a go at a chest-swelling competition with Omar's captains and does little to come across as a man to be taken seriously. What could have been a Jamie Foxx in "Collateral" moment ("I said tell your boy to put his gun away before I beat his b***h a** to death with it") is just Marty being Marty, something that also includes making the wrong decision about one of Navarro's workers.

Marty got the wrong man and people paid dearly for it

After finding out that one of the cartel's men has been putting money to the side for a rainy day, Marty immediately pegs the penny pincher as the leader of the plot to take over Omar's organization. Choosing to torture this dodgy deputy to Navarro is terrible enough, but a later discovery makes Marty's choice even worse. Indeed, Marty eventually puts it together that the recent trouble within the ranks actually comes from Omar's sister, Camila (Veronica Falcón), who flies directly under his radar. Unfortunately, by this time, Marty has already coerced a confession from the lieutenant and had him murdered.

There have been enough tales of family treachery through the ages to know that the ones closest to crime lords are the ones not to be trusted, and Camila certainly fits the bill. Marty not catching on to her suspicious ways sooner beggars belief. Even more importantly, Marty's failure creates a domino effect that impacts everyone linked to the Byrde family from here on out. Had he made the call to point the finger at Camila at this stage, the final episode of "Ozark" could have ended in a decidedly different manner.

Of course, few of Marty's plans ever go exactly as he intends, including this one. You can see the destructive results for yourself now that "Ozark" Season 4, Part 2 is available for streaming on Netflix.