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Moon Knight Episode 6's Post-Credits Scene Explained

Contains spoilers for "Moon Knight" Episode 6

The season finale of "Moon Knight" has finally premiered, giving viewers a stunning conclusion to the adventures of Marc Spector and Steven Grant (both portrayed by Oscar Isaac). Picking up where the previous episode left off, Marc chooses to leave a peaceful afterlife in the Field of Reeds to save Steven, who fell off of Taweret's (Antonia Salib) boat into the Duat. After shooting Marc and Steven, Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) is able to release Ammit (Saba Mubarak), who chooses him as her avatar. It's not looking very good until Layla (May Calamawy) frees Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham), who has been trapped in a ushabti since the end of Episode 3. Marc and Steven make it through the Gates of Osiris and arrive back on the mortal plane, where they reunite with Khonshu to battle Harrow and Ammit. It's an action-packed episode from start to finish, but one of the most compelling scenes comes after the credits start to roll.

Marvel fans know that if you stick around after the credits, more often than not there will be an additional scene that teases what's coming next for the characters. The final moments of "Moon Knight" follow this formula, hinting at the future of the show. If you were wondering who was in the second sarcophagus in Episode 4, then you're in luck. The post-credits scene reveals the answer.

Jake Lockley is at the wheel

After realizing that their freedom matters the most, Marc and Steven refuse to kill Harrow and the Egyptian moon god seemingly releases them from his service. Earlier in the episode, Marc and Steven made Khonshu swear to free them both and at first, it appears as though the god has kept his promise. They should have been more specific with their wording — there's always trickery afoot when you're negotiating with deities.

The post-credits scene sees Harrow in a psychiatric hospital, where he's swiftly abducted. Hospital staff are left brutally attacked as Harrow is brought outside to a waiting car, where Khonshu has come to collect him. Khonshu may have released Marc and Steven, but he still has a hold on another one of their personalities: Jake Lockley, who mercilessly kills Harrow without hesitation.

Jake's existence has been hinted at a few times, most notably at the end of Episode 4 when Marc and Steven find a sarcophagus in the psychiatric hospital with someone clearly trapped inside. There's another moment in the finale where Marc and Steven black out right as they're losing the battle, only to be revived to find Harrow and his followers defeated.

It's a shocking reveal that pulls the rug out from under viewers right at the last minute, although if you're familiar with the comics, you might have been expecting an appearance from Jake. We can only speculate where the story will go next while we wait for Marvel to confirm "Moon Knight" Season 2.