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Who Is Rintrah From Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has traversed through a vast galaxy that's full of unique species, including Titans, Kree, Skrulls, and adorable felines with hidden tentacles. In many ways, though, the intergalactic saga has really only scratched the surface when it comes to exploring the infinite planets, dimensions, and alternate realities that occupy the multiverse. However, if Phase 4 has shown us anything so far, it's that the franchise is out to cover more ground than ever before. "Spider-Man: Far from Home" opened the floodgates, and now anything and everything seems possible. And "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" has bolstered this notion by delivering another bold, unpredictable, and epic Marvel adventure.

"Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" ventures deeper into the myriad of realities and dimensions that occupy the Marvel universe, introducing viewers to some of the lore's more obscure alien characters in the process. One of those otherworldly beings is none other than Rintrah, a green creature who resembles the minotaurs of Greek mythology, but whose powers and abilities make him more complex than a simple monster from ancient real-world folklore. 

Those who are familiar with the source material that inspired "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" will no doubt be familiar with Rintrah and what he's capable of. That said, his presence in the MCU is bound to make him more universally known moving forward. But what's his history in the "Doctor Strange" comics, and how does he know the Master of the Mystic Arts?

The Origins of Rintrah and his history with Doctor Strange

Created by Peter B. Gillis and Chris Warner, Rintrah made his first appearance in "Doctor Strange #80," which was released in 1986. Originating from the extradimensional planet of R'Vaal, the minotaur was discovered by a weaver called Enitharmon, who sensed great power in the creature and adopted him as his apprentice. Enitharmon then taught Rintrah how to hone his magical abilities before passing him on to Doctor Strange. 

Strange met Rintrah for the first time after Enitharmon tasked the minotaur with returning the Sorcerer Supreme's Cloak of Levitation, which had been damaged in battle and required the weaver's expertise to fix it. Unfortunately, the visit wasn't a social call as they had to team up to defeat a demon known as Urthona, who'd badly injured Strange. It was a meeting of instant trust, though, as Strange projected his astral spirit into Rintrah's body so they could save the day together.

From that moment on, Rintrah became one of Strange's most loyal allies in the fight against evil, serving as the good doctor's bodyguard and apprentice while perfecting his own magical abilities at the Sanctum Sanctorum. The dynamic duo shared many adventures after that, some of which even required Rintrah to save Strange's soul. For example, on one occasion, the minotaur had to team with Enitharmon the Weaver and another wizard called Kaluu to restore the Master of the Mystic Arts' humanity after he attained godhood and became detached from reality.

Rintrah is a powerful being

While he might look like a mindless bruiser, Rintrah is an intelligent being who possesses complex abilities. Granted, he is more than capable of throwing fists, and his supreme strength makes him a formidable opponent for any imposing monster — he even knocked out a raging Hulk in the comics, which is no small feat for any creature. That said, Rintrah's magical abilities are arguably even more impressive than his physical characteristics, and they have enabled him to become a powerful sorcerer in his own right.

The full range of Rintrah's powers is a mystery, but his apprenticeships under Strange and Enitharmon taught him everything from illusion casting to dimensional travel. However, he also wields powers that stem from his R'Vaalian roots, such as telepathy and shapeshifting. Rintrah is capable of taking the form of any person he sees, which is useful when he's on Earth and trying to blend in with the crowd. Of course, that doesn't stop him from having fun with his abilities on occasion, as evidenced by the time he adopted the guise of the actor James Dean and went shopping.

While Rintrah does possess great intelligence, his abilities have occasionally gotten him into trouble. For example, in Roy Thomas and Dave Simons' "Marvel Comics Presents #44," he accidentally turned a pile of garbage into a sentient monster that tried to feast on the residents of Greenwich Village. But at least it was a learning experience for the aspiring minotaur sorcerer.