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The Hilarious Life Lesson That Seinfeld Fans Took Away From The Show

Through its nine years on television, "Seinfeld" gave viewers an overwhelming amount of life tips and hacks for work, romantic relationships, living in New York City, and more. From trying calzones to eating a snickers bar with a knife and fork, and from not wearing sweatpants in public to getting married, "Seinfeld" practically covered it all. So, it's no surprise that many fans still utilize the advice from the show to this day, either ironically or seriously. 

Of course, some advice does stand out above others. Whether that's simply because of the comedic delivery within the show or because the advice actually works remains to be seen for many of the show's great one-liners. Still, in the decades since the show's end, fans have taken to the internet to share the various life lessons they've learned from the adventures of three weirdos and a stand-up comic living in New York City.

George's work advice rings true for fans in real life

On the "Seinfeld" subreddit, a user asked others to name something the series had taught them. The most upvoted response? "When you look annoyed all the time, people think you're busy," as written by u/MadeInAmerican. Their comment, which is derived from Season 7 of the sitcom, currently has over 900 upvotes. 

The remark comes in Episode 5, "The Hot Tub," when Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) and Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) ask George (Jason Alexander) about his promotion at the New York Yankees that is supposedly keeping him busy for long hours. George reveals that very little has changed about his work ethic — he simply pretends to be busy by looking annoyed. When he demonstrates the skill, shaking his head in dismay, Elaine emphatically agrees. 

In the comments section for the clip which was shared on YouTube, many of the show's fans have expressed that the deceptive tactic works. "I've totally done this... if I had any down time at all I just looked as annoyed as possible. Nobody asked me to do anything more," wrote one user.