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How Jessica Knight Replacing Ellie Bishop On NCIS Sparked A Eureka Moment For Fans

Longtime "NCIS" fans have grown to learn that some good things must come to an end, even if that means having to say goodbye to one of their favorite agents when they depart from the show's central crime-busting team. In fact, it wasn't too long ago that viewers witnessed the bittersweet departure of long standing cast member Emily Wickersham, who played Special Agent Ellie Bishop until exiting the series at the end of Season 18. On the flip side, "NCIS" fans have also learned that one thing ending can be the start of something new that's great in its own way. This was certainly the case with the introduction of Katrina Law as Special Agent Jessica Knight around the time of Wickersham's departure and her subsequent promotion to the main cast in Season 19.

Viewers are still in the relatively early stages of familiarizing themselves with Knight and her backstory is continuing to gradually unravel, especially when it comes to some confusing elements about her relationship status. However, some fans recently noticed a small detail with regard to the transition from Wickersham's character to Law's character that led to an amusing eureka moment about a connection between the two.

The knight replaces the bishop

In a recent thread posted by Redditor u/luis-can-jump on the r/NCIS subreddit, the fan pointed out a fun bit of wordplay layered within the names of Agent Bishop and Agent Knight. Katrina Law's Knight has replaced Emily Wickersham's Bishop on the show, just as a knight can capture a bishop in the game of chess. The post seemed to mark an entertaining moment of shared realization for many other fans who hadn't yet picked up on the connection.

"Didn't even realize lol," u/ITD3m0n commented on the thread. Meanwhile, others debated over whether the joke could have possibly been a coincidence, though many felt certain that the nod was intentional. User u/stan394 suggested a theory that the names could even provide clue to the potential naming conventions of future characters. "So... we will have an agent King next?" they posited.

Whether the Knight-Bishop joke is a pure coincidence, a harmless bit of wordplay, or a deeper suggestion about the personalities behind each character, it's nonetheless a fun tidbit for fans to pick up on. Viewers are sure to see much more of Knight on "NCIS," with the character set to return for the upcoming 20th season. In time, fans will no doubt learn about how she differs fundamentally from Bishop.