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How One Chicago's Jesse Lee Soffer Really Feels About Upstead

The "One Chicago" franchise is hardly devoid of intriguing characters. All of the various shows under the NBC first responder universe's vast umbrella offer their own takes on the often unhealthy work-life balance of the city's professional life-savers. While the many dangers the "One Chicago" characters face on a weekly basis have no doubt played a huge part in making the shows so popular, fans are always quick to appreciate the quieter moments, as well ... especially if they happen to involve juicy romances between the characters.

Out of all the romantic pairings in the franchise, you'd be hard pressed to find one more popular than Upstead, the fan-favorite "Chicago PD" couple that consists of Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos). After much turmoil and nail-biting moments, Upstead fans rejoiced over the couple's wedding in the "Chicago Fire" Season 9 fall finale, so the interest in the characters' relationship is clearly not going anywhere. The actors themselves are quite naturally aware of their status among fandom, and now, Soffer has spoken about how he really feels about Upstead.

Jesse Lee Soffer likes the grounded way Halstead and Upton go about their business

If you suspect that an actor couldn't possibly be angry about the fact that fans care enough about his character to bless his romantic endeavors with an affectionate portmanteau, you're absolutely right. In a Q&A video posted on Access Hollywood's Twitter account, Soffer and other "One Chicago" actors fielded a series of fan questions ... and, perhaps inevitably, encounters one about his take on the whole Upstead situation. "What is your favorite thing about Upstead's relationship and partnership?" a fan asked Soffer.

Fortunately for Upstead fans, the actor very much counts himself among them, and specifically names the couple's tendency to avoid making a huge deal about themselves as one of his favorite aspects of the relationship.

"I guess I really like that they are kind of like their own thing," Soffer said. "Like, they didn't make a big deal about the wedding. They're just, this is what they are." 

In a world of overly romantic on-screen couples, an unassuming relationship like Upstead can feel like a breath of fresh air — and, judging by Soffer's comments, the "One Chicago" couple won't be changing course any time soon.