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Who Plays Christina On Yellowstone?

Upon premiering in 2018, "Yellowstone” became a fast hit and a boon for Paramount. The neo-Western series follows the trials and tribulations of the Duttons, a powerful ranching family in Montana, as they contend with money-grubbing politicos, nefarious trespassers, and each other. With Kevin Costner at the helm as John Dutton, the series has garnered nominations from the Screen Actors Guild and the Primetime Creative Arts Emmys (via IMDb). It has also spawned multiple prequel series, including the Tim McGraw-led "1883," which tells the story of the 19th-century Duttons, and the upcoming "1932," which is set to portray yet another generation of the Dutton family.

In addition to the ranch hands, land developers, and community leaders that populate "Yellowstone," it's no surprise that Montana politics — and the Dutton family's influence over it — serves as an underlying force on the show. As the only member of the Dutton family with genuine political aspirations, Jamie (Wes Bentley), the second-oldest child in the family, works as the Attorney General of Montana. It's through his political work that Jamie meets Christina, a woman who joins his campaign as an assistant and quickly becomes his love interest. Though their relationship eventually sours, Christina plays a crucial, lasting role in Jamie's personal life. Here's the actress who brings Christina to life.

Katherine Cunningham had roles in Condor and Chicago Fire

Katherine Cunningham made her TV debut in 2010 in "Detroit 1-8-7," in which she played a blackjack dealer. Since then she's had multi-episode arcs in "The Playboy Club," "I Made America," and "The Mob Doctor." In 2012, she also had a four-episode arc in "Chicago Fire." Two years later, she secured a recurring role in the comedy-drama series "Mind Games," where she played the girlfriend of Steve Zahn's character (via IMDb). 

From 2018 to 2020, Cunningham also enjoyed a recurring role in "Condor." A modern retelling of the Robert Redford film "Three Days of the Condor," the thriller series follows a CIA analyst whose colleagues in the research and development office are all suddenly murdered. The series starred Max Irons, Mira Sorvino, and the late William Hurt. Cunningham played Kathy, a former Tinder date of the young analyst played by Irons. "[Max] is so funny and so goofy," Cunningham said of her co-star (via Hollywood Junket). "He's very giving as a scene partner." 

Elsewhere, Cunningham has racked up roles in a number of acclaimed series. Her credits include "Shameless," "NCIS," and "Grey's Anatomy." Still, Cunningham's character in "Yellowstone" remains her longest-running role to date. Per Cunningham, the job was much more than just another notch on her resume. In an emotional Instagram post, the actress detailed her experience leaving COVID lockdown and taking her family to the "Yellowstone" set, where her infant daughter, May, joined the cast. "I remember being deeply sad, in mourning for the life I knew," Cunningham wrote. "Then 'Yellowstone' called and asked if my family and I wanted to come to Montana for a month. When we got there, it felt like taking a weighted blanket off our chests."