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The First Look At Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan's Newest Show Has People Talking

Taylor Sheridan, who has produced back-to-back hits for Paramount with "Yellowstone" and "1883," has become something of a franchise player for the network over the past couple of years. Per Deadline, the multihyphenate producer-director-writer not only has another season of "Yellowstone" and "1883" upcoming for Paramount Network and Paramount + respectively, but he also has a new quasi-sequel season to "1883" in the offing, which will be set in 1932. Sheridan will also produce the oil-industry related drama "Land Man" with Billy Bob Thornton and the spy thriller "Lioness" with Zoe Saldana. He also has a series about the life of real-life lawman Bass Reeves in development with the net, which is slated to feature David Oyelowo.

And there's one more project that Sheridan has on the burner for Paramount+, via Deadline. That will be "Tulsa King," which will star action legend Sylvester Stallone as mafia capo Dwight "The General" Manfredi. "Tulsa King" will follow his life as he's forced to start anew in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Cut adrift by his own godfather, Manfredi has to start his own criminal empire from the ground up with some pretty odd new bedfellows. It's an intriguing premise, and when Paramount + shared a first look of the actor on the show's New York set on their Twitter account May 2, fans definitely had a lot to say.

Fans are excited to see Sly take on Tulsa

General consensus among both crime series and Stallone fans is that "Tulsa King" is about to become appointment television. "You had me at Stallone!!" said @TM429318, including a gif of the actor clapping celebratorily. In fact, some fans are so enthused about the show they're wondering why it's taken so long to make Sly an offer he couldn't refuse. "Can anyone tell me why it's taken so long to make Stallone a mob boss on screen?" asked @AreYouAFanYet. Honestly, that's a very good question.

Clearly, the combination is enough of a winning one to get fans aboard early, and the enthusiasm is infectious. "Stallone . Mob . Sheridan . Yea I'm all in .." said user @Feezylife209, demonstrating that these are the exact ingredients fans have been looking for. "He [Stallone] looks Fantastic! Will be great to see him in this series." said @copadaddy.

For those who are already getting excited to see Stallone mob it up, the good news is that they won't have very long to wait. Per Deadline, "Tulsa King" is set for a fall debut on Paramount+.