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The American Horror Story Plotline Fans Never Want To See Again

For over a decade, "American Horror Story" has been the provocative and visceral antidote to Ryan Murphy's previous pep-infused television series, "Glee." After the creator had his fill of the musically-inclined teen drama, creating a show that was the exact opposite seemed enticing. 

With each new season, the anthology series explores strange new topics of horrific mayhem, with many familiar aspects carrying over from season to season and making the series beloved. The most recent season, "American Horror Story: Double Feature," sees the return of some of Murphy's favorite actors, including Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, and Cody Fern. But despite this familiar territory, not all plot points in "American Horror Story" have garnered appreciation from fans.

Some seasons have been criticized for various elements. For example, "American Horror Story: Cult" is divisive for not including anything supernatural in its depiction of the 2016 election. With a show never losing steam for 10 years, not all subject matters can be winners. But if fans could get their way, there is one famous "American Horror Story" plotline that would be retired indefinitely.

Murder House can be killed off as far as fans are concerned

When the Harmon family first entered the estate in the first season, "American Horror Story: Murder House," it sent a shockwave across pop culture. The season's wildly disturbing imagery and classic characters made an impression on fans. Who can forget Rubber Man and the introduction of Evan Peters' first character Tate Langdon? However, it has been 10 years since the show's premiere, and many fans on Reddit agree that it's time to retire the freshman season concept.

"Ryan Murphy please blow up Murder House in Episode 7," posed u/BurningTaterTot. They went on to say: "I am 100% serious.... he did it in Roanoke time to do it again." This refers to Murphy's spin-off series "American Horror Stories." Though the Reddit thread was created before the episode aired, the Murder House is actually set on fire at one point, but it's later revealed to be just part of a video game. At the time of its release, the initial season of "American Horror Story" was a breath of fresh air, but now, with its constant use in later seasons and the spinoff, some fans are worried that Murphy is ruining the subject. "He's milked Murder House of all it can give, and he should stop before I start resenting AHS Season 1," posted u/ayeseggy.

"American Horror Stories" isn't the only rerun of "Murder House." The storyline is also brought back in Season 7 of the original show, "American Horror Story: Apocalypse." This is a crossover event bringing the characters from "American Horror Story: Coven" to the well-known haunted house. With the rehashing of the same subject over and over, many viewers have become fatigued at the prospect of it ever showing up again.