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The Best Time Andy Dwyer Broke Character On Parks & Recreation

Before Chris Pratt became the star of "Guardians of the Galaxy" and the "Jurassic World" movies, he was improvising amazing jokes on the NBC sitcom "Parks & Recreation" as the loveable dope Andy Dwyer. Originally Anne's (Rashida Jones) musician boyfriend, the stupid but sweet Andy becomes a "shoeshine boy" in the city hall and eventually marries Parks and Recreation assistant April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza). He even hosts his own TV show as a children's entertainer called "Johnny Karate."

On set, Pratt became legendary for his antics, including one infamous moment where he unexpectedly showed up naked for a scene when he was supposed to wear underwear (via YouTube). Retta was paraphrased in an interview describing him as the "lovable if extremely dirty little brother" (via Vulture) among the tight-knit cast.

Pratt stole many of his scenes because he played Andy so guilelessly, but it still can't be easy to keep a straight face during take after take when the actors are this funny and gifted at improvisation. Here's the best time Chris Pratt couldn't stay in character during the production of "Parks & Recreation."

Pratt makes a hilarious mistake in this outtake

A lot of Pratt's bloopers show the actor staying in character, but also actively improvising inappropriate and absurd jokes until his co-stars finally crack up. However, one outtake is just a glorious blunder on Pratt's part.

In Season 4 episode "Born & Raised," Andy steals a folder and an unneeded briefcase from a government office for Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe). He then carelessly tosses the briefcase back at the counter. However, in a flubbed take, Pratt throws the case so hard that he damages the light switches nearby, immersing the actors in darkness.

Pratt obviously ruins the scene but everyone takes it in stride. It's easy to hear the crew laughing in the background, while Lowe deadpans "******* hilarious" as Poehler starts guffawing. Looking at the broken light switches, Pratt awkwardly sings, "That's not something that props can fix..." He apologizes, then yells "I'm out!" in character as he "flees" and tries to jump over the counter. It's a hilarious sequence that proves how natural Pratt is in front of the camera even when he screws up.