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The Layla And Marc Theory That Moon Knight Fans Are Absolutely Loving

Contains spoilers for "Moon Knight" Episode 5

"Moon Knight" has now given fans five episodes of the show's six-episode run, all of which have introduced us to the hectic and unusual life of Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector and Steven Grant. Fans were first introduced to Steven during the first few episodes as he tried to figure out why he was having memory lapses and what he felt was sleepwalking. However, we quickly discover that Steven has multiple personality disorder, with a mercenary named Marc Spector living inside his body along with the Egyptian god, Khonshu.

Through a bit of chaos and violence, we encounter Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow, Khonshu's former avatar who is obsessed with the Egyptian god Ammit, a deity that judges people before they are even capable of doing evil things and subsequently kills them for it. At the end of Episode 4, Harrow appears to kill both Marc and Steven, only for Episode 5 to have us follow the pair as they venture through the Egyptian afterlife. They face their childhood trauma in order to return to life and stop Harrow, as well as save Marc's wife and partner Layla (May Calamawy). It is revealed at the end of Episode 5 that Marc is in fact the original personality, having created Steven after inadvertently causing the death of his younger brother and facing the abuse of his mother afterward.

Episode 5 of "Moon Knight" has left fans with a lot to think about and plenty of unanswered questions about Marc, Steven, and Layla. However, a recent fan theory proposes an interesting idea about Layla's effect on Marc. 

Fans think Layla didn't know about Steven because she provides Marc happiness

According to a recent fan post on Twitter from user @d0nvey, there is a possible reason why Layla only recently discovered Marc's alternate personality of Steven after seemingly being married to Marc for some time. They explained that Layla has likely been the only thing that makes Marc truly happy without providing him with much pain in his life, and since we recently discovered that Marc created Steven to come out in order to deal with pain — he never needed Steven for Layla. User @d0nvey continued by explaining that it would further make sense given that Steven always showed up after Khonshu made Marc kill someone, seemingly to deal with the guilt and pain that came from that.

This theory is supported by many other fans on Twitter, and it is certainly possible based on what we now know about Steven. Since we discovered the death of Marc's mother initiated the heavy crossover between Marc and Steven's personalities, this type of trauma could have triggered Steven's reveal to Layla, as Marc may have been able to put that part of his life away for a while.

Fans are sure to be on the edge of their seats as they wait to find out what happens to Steven, given his apparent death, and to Layla upon Marc's subsequent return to life in order to stop Harrow. Episode 6 of "Moon Knight" is set to release on Disney+ Wednesday, May 4.