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The Layla Scene In Moon Knight Episode 4 That Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

Contains spoilers for "Moon Knight" Episode 4, "The Tomb."

Just when viewers thought they had "Moon Knight" pinned down, the show throws a curveball. After a thrilling chase leading our characters to the tomb of Alexander the Great, Marc (Oscar Isaac) is shot by Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), falling into a pool behind him. Audiences surely wondered how Marc would get himself out of this mess until the completely unexpected occurred.

Marc wakes up in an asylum where we discover his Steven Grant persona is actually a character from an old adventure movie. Not only that but practically everyone he's come into contact with throughout the series thus far is a part of the institution somehow, including Layla (May Calamawy), who's a patient alongside Marc. 

It raises a host of questions. Is Layla genuinely insane? What's her precise relationship with Marc? But for some fans, the most puzzling question concerning Layla comes far earlier in the episode.

Why did Layla call out for Steven?

Arthur Harrow isn't the only one Steven and Layla are trying to get away from in "The Tomb." As they wander around the tomb, they encounter undead Egyptian priests who don't exactly take kindly to outsiders. They manage to escape from one, but Steven and Layla wind up getting separated. Layla makes her way to the edge of a cliff, and upon hearing a clicking noise behind her, she turns around and says, "Steven?"

It was a strange thought, according to some Redditors, including u/Corgi-Ambitious: "I laughed hard when Layla had gotten away from it and then when she heard those clicks she was like, 'Steven?!' Like, you just heard what makes those noises. Does Steven make those noises as he walks around casually, Layla?" It's a bit odd, seeing how the creature has an incredibly distinct sound it makes, and it's only been a few minutes at most since she last saw the mummies.

That wasn't the only confusing Layla moment from the last "Moon Knight" episode, as u/Roboticide points out, "This is the same Layla who, when they finally have the imprisoned incarnation of a god or whatever and are being quickly pursued by men with guns, decides it's necessary to stop everything and confront her husband about allegations made by a deranged criminal." From this episode, it would appear Layla doesn't always think before she acts. But she has plenty of other redeeming qualities about her that will inevitably make her an asset going into the final two episodes of the season.