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The Walking Dead Fans Have Some Strong Feelings About The Latest Carol News

For a show revolving around a zombie apocalypse, "The Walking Dead" has survived an impressive number of years. First premiering in 2010, the series follows Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his family after he wakes up from a coma to find the world was not as he left it. Zombies are not the only thing that this group has to contend with, however. They learn fairly quickly that in this new world order, people can be just as dangerous. With so many dangers and pitfalls, it's rare to find a character that has stuck around for the entire show.

That honor goes to the crossbow-wielding Daryl (Norman Reedus) and tenacious Carol (Melissa McBride). When viewers were first introduced to Carol, she appeared to be the last person who would survive the tenure of the series. However, despite her early conflicts with her abusive husband initially making her out to be a person who had to be protected, she has since flourished, developing into one of the most capable and cunning characters in the series. With so much history behind the character, it may have seemed like a no-brainer to create a new show with her and Daryl as the protagonists, but following the news that Melissa McBride will no longer be part of the spin-off, fans have come to some strong conclusions about Carol's future.

Not all fans are excited about future spin-offs

Though "The Walking Dead" is coming to a close, AMC will not be letting go of the property any time soon. The network has already found success with previous spin-offs and hoped for the same with Daryl and Carol. However, the planned spin-off featuring the two on the road has since become complicated. TVLine reported that because of McBride's inability to relocate to Europe, she will no longer be part of the show.

But as lucrative as the previous shows have been, many fans on Twitter responded to news of McBride's departure with fatigue. "They are really trying to squeeze blood from a rock with this series..." posted @nicology13. After over a decade of content, it's only natural that some viewers think these characters should be retired. Many even believe that beloved character Daryl should hang up his crossbow for good. "Honestly surprised Norman would even want a spin off [sic] surely its [sic] time to wrap it up already and move onto [sic] the next thing.. show and character have well and truly ran their course," commented @iitsBreeezy.

It is remarkable that these characters have lasted as long as they have in such a perilous world. Both Carol and Daryl have had some close calls and endured more tragedy than anyone could bear. Would a new series just be inviting more trauma for these characters? Perhaps the most respectful way to honor them is to send them on their way.