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The Villain That The Walking Dead Fans Would Want To Follow The Most

Imagine, if you would, a world where the undead run rampant in the streets craving the flesh of the living. Governments toppled, cities demolished, and human society as you know it is now just a faint memory. That's the world that Robert Kirkman created in his comic book-turned-AMC classic "The Walking Dead," which is quickly winding down to the end of its historic small screen tenure. Nevertheless, the idea of a zombie apocalypse will live on long beyond the show's finale date, meaning that debates over how to best survive such a nightmarish scenario will endure for years to come.

Seeing as no one has lived in a world infested by walkers, it's safe to say that there's no "right" answer when it comes to staying alive. However, no matter which avenue you choose to take, it's undeniable that community is a key element to avoiding becoming a human-hungry zombie. Not only will human settlements have shelter and vital supplies, but they'll typically include folks you can trust and build relationships with. Leaders like Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) proved this approach works, though not everyone will wind up with selfless, caring companions.

As "The Walking Dead" has shown, the end of the world can bring out the worst in people. If the fans weren't lucky enough to run into the good guys first, and they had to align with one of these unsavory characters, here's who they'd pick.

Fans would take their chances with Negan and the Saviors

"The Walking Dead" has hosted its fair share of human antagonists over the years, each with their own unique set of abilities and goals. Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh), The Governor (David Morrissey), Alpha (Samantha Morton), and more gave our heroes a run for their money, but most ultimately succumbed to their own villainous hubris. Still, if faced with no other choice, the majority of "Walking Dead" fans have decided that the former leader of the Saviors, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), would be the most suitable bad guy to follow.

Reddit user jodlad04 opened a poll in late 2021 that asked "TWD" fans which villain camp they'd choose to live in. Of the nearly 2,000 votes, a whopping 976 went to Negan — leaving the likes of Alpha and Gareth (Andrew J. West) in the dust. "As terrible as Negan was as a leader, He didn't kill his own people for no reason like almost all the others did (or eat people). Yeah it would suck to have to work for points but at least I'd still be breathing," wrote Espurreyes, and they were hardly alone in their stance.

"Governor is way more likely to kill his own people or get them killed than Negan is," reasoned 1random_redditor, highlighting that neither option is great, but Negan can be the lesser of two evils. TheStrongestTongue said, "Negan all the way," and BillzB89 chose "The one that's still alive," pointing out that even though Negan doesn't hold the power he once did, at least he didn't die like all of the others. All things considered, Redditor jish5 felt that the Saviors were "the best option for a somewhat functioning society."

Life under Negan as one of the Saviors would be quite far from ideal — as is the case with pretty much any other "Walking Dead" villain –, but if nothing else, it beats getting chewed up by walkers.