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The Funniest Scene In Abbott Elementary Season 1 According To Fans

ABC's runaway hit sitcom "Abbott Elementary" takes a look at life at an underfunded public school located in Philadelphia. The program balances the idealism of second-grade teacher Janine Teagues (Quinta Brunson) against a lackadaisical administration. Along for the ride are her fellow teachers: ambitious substitute Gregory Eddie (Tyler James Williams), street-smart second-grade teacher Melissa Schemmenti (Lisa Ann Walter), nervy history teacher Jacob Hill (Chris Perfetti), and the wise and well-revered kindergarten teacher Barbara Howard (Sheryl Lee Ralph). They're aided and opposed by the vainglorious, lazy, and yet surprisingly complex principal Ava Coleman (Janelle James). Every teacher — and even Ava, occasionally — tries to get through the workweek and teach their kids while dodging chaos.

The show has a strong fanbase already, and as they wait for Season 2, you might be curious to know which scene has been the show's funniest thus far. Here's which Season 1 scene fans down at the Abbott Elementary subreddit laughed heartily at.

Fans of the show crack up Gregory's Don Cheadle moment

The moment that some "Abbott Elementary" fans laughed the hardest at comes during a scene from the Season 1 episode "Wishlist." In the scene in question, Gregory and Janine examine a wall covered in drawings created by the school's students for Gregory. Gregory can't tell what any of the drawings are supposed to be, so Janine helpfully explains what each image is depicting. After failing to correctly identify the sun or a playground, Gregory comes to a crayon portrait of a smiling man. "Don Cheadle," he says confidently. "No," Janine retorts. "That's you."  "Hmmm," Gregory remarks. 

It's a small moment, but one that really struck a chord with fans. Redditor u/curseonyou101 started a thread dedicated to the moment, where they wrote, "Never fails to crack me up." The post received 168 upvotes and several people commenting in agreement. "One of my favorite jokes so far," said u/cnotethegoat123, adding a smiley face emoji. "I screamed when I watched that scene," said u/TaterTotQueen630. And u/Ok_Economy6136 added, "Gregory['s] faces take me down every time."

"Abbott Elementary" is available to stream on Hulu.