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The Abbott Elementary Character That Steals The Scenes According To Fans

"Abbott Elementary" has emerged as one of the most popular network sitcoms in recent memory. Outlets like /Film have praised the series for its humor, sharp social commentary, and its relatability in tackling the American education system. Other critics have taken a liking to the series, as well, with the first season currently sporting a near-perfect 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences are clearly tuning in for the workplace comedy, with Deadline reporting that the series quadrupled its viewership after it debuted in December 2021. Naturally, ABC has already renewed "Abbott Elementary" for Season 2.

Created by Quinta Brunson, the sitcom focuses on a group of teachers at an underfunded Philadelphia elementary school who navigate bureaucracy and barriers to deliver the best possible learning experience for their students. At the heart of the show is Brunson's Janine, a second-grade teacher whose earnest desire to improve conditions for her students often puts her at odds with her jaded colleagues. And speaking of those colleagues, the series has been praised for its colorful cast of supporting characters. In the wake of the series' popularity, fans have been debating online which faculty member from the fictional school is their favorite. It turns out that, amongst most fans, there's a clear winner that might be surprising.

Fans agree that Principal Ava is one of the funniest Abbott Elementary characters

Constantly foiling and belittling Janine's plans is Ava (Janelle James). Principal of Abbott Elementary, Ava is characterized as someone who is extremely unqualified but lacks the self-awareness to realize it, similar to "The Office" lead Michael Scott (Steve Carell). Fans across the internet have been praising James' ability to capture Ava's wildcard nature. Twitter user @electricsoul123 made it clear that Ava should continue to spearhead the school, writing, "We all know Ava isnt qualified to be the principal at #AbbottElementary but we can't let her go anywhere."

In a Reddit thread praising Ava on the "Abbott Elementary" subreddit, user u/MsKc96 wrote of the character, "I do my giggling throughout the show...until Ava enters the room. Even when she's not speaking she's hilarious. Then she slays with those one-liners... she brings joy to my life." Meanwhile, u/NoImDirtyDann echoed the same sentiments while praising Ava's lack of love for her job. They wrote, "Definitely Ava, every time she drops a comment about not liking education immediately followed by their reactions kills me ..."

In another thread praising the inept head of the school, user u/clinstar22 revealed that the character is what drew them to the series. "She was the reason I wanted to watch the show," they said. "I think it was her mannerism and her delivery but I honestly think that she is going to be a character that will grow into one of the main reasons to watch the show."

With such consistent praise and the general popularity of "Abbott Elementary," it's possible that Principal Ava might go down as one of the most memorable characters of this era of television