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The Best Britta And Troy Scene On Community According To Fans

There are few U.S. sitcoms that can claim quite the fervid fandom that "Community" has earned over the years. And even more than seven years after the series ended its six-season run between NBC and Hulu, that fandom continues to not only adore, but wholly obsess over every single side-splitting joke, sideways glance, and wonky relationship that Dan Harmon and the "Community" crew conjured for the show.

Given the surprising layers of depth Harmon and company peppered each of its 110 episodes with, the "Community" fandom may well be finding new things to laugh, cry, and cringe at in the series until the end of time. They'll no doubt keep meme-ing some of the show's funner moments for the foreseeable future as well. And that's okay because, well, the style of comedy "Community" often immersed viewers in was sort of made for meme-ing. As it is, one of the latest "Community" moments to get some love in the meme-friendly land of Reddit fronts what some fans of the show claim as the best scene between series regulars Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs) and Troy Barnes (Donald Glover). 

This classic exchange between Britta and Troy is a favorite among Community fans

There are, of course, factions of "Community" fandom that might tell you the pairing of Britta and Troy prior to Donald Glover's Season 5 departure was one that sometimes felt a little forced. But those same fans might also admit the pairing was regularly one of the show's more emotionally rewarding, with Britta and Troy helping, and pushing each other to grow arguably more than any other characters in the "Community" landscape.

But just like every other duo in that landscape, Britta and Troy were pretty regularly at odds with each other too. And the memed moment that made the day of some on Reddit via a post from u/Fabsab_ found the two chirping back and forth about a ruined analogy. Redditor u/KMKtwo-four was among the first to respond to the blessed meme, boldly professing, "This meme is like a gordian knot of thought." u/_MySt1q_ soon followed with a post hailing the "analogy" moment a "Community" classic, and "one of my favorite squabbles." 

Meanwhile, u/bullfrog_jem dropped in a post that hilariously acknowledges Britta's penchant for fouling up a moment, quipping, "Before I saw this, I was think [sic] about how Britta could potentially Britta Britta-ing, then I saw this on my notifications." As for u/finckywinky, it seems the meme actually gave them a new appreciation for the joke in question, with the user admitting, "I only just realised that when he said you 'ruined' my analogy that was still part of the joke." 

As far as verbal gags go on "Community," this one is truly one of the greats. And yes, it also ranks high among the many brilliant moments that passed between Britta and Troy.