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The Worst Fire On Chicago Fire Season 4

Loyal viewers of NBC's action hit "Chicago Fire" have seen their share of harrowing blazes, emergency rescues and other over-the-top exploits during the hit series' 10-season run on the network. From battling high-rise conflagrations in the city's towering office buildings, to pulling victims from icy waters after boating accidents, to decontaminating toxic chemical spills and more, every episode of "Chicago Fire" promises breathtaking action sequences and compelling personal drama with the series' dedicated firefighters, rescue personnel, and paramedics.

In this regard, the fourth season of "Chicago Fire" more than measured up, leaning heavily into One Chicago producer Dick Wolf's proven formula of storylines packed with adrenaline-junky fare for fans of high-intensity heroics. Plunging the show's cast of talented actors, and its viewers, into emergencies that range from raging tornados to deadly rescue operations and active-shooter incidents, this season served up plenty of edge-of-your-seat scenarios for eager Chi-Hard fans. 

That being said, what's the single most desperate fire call the team responded to in "Chicago Fire" Season 4?

The blaze in Episode 22 of Chicago Fire's Season 4 was horrific

As seasoned firefighters and rescue veterans, the Firehouse 51 team members are used to risking their lives on a regular basis in "Chicago Fire." But when faced with losing one of their own during a call, the emotional stakes can be raised beyond the breaking point for the tight-knit squad. Such was the case in the Season 4 episode, "Where the Collapse Started," which aired for the first time in 2016 (per IMDb).

The episode's action kicks into high gear when the crew responds to a major building fire with victims trapped inside. With the structure on the verge of collapse, Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) orders his team to evacuate immediately. But firefighter Jimmy Borelli (Steven R. McQueen) realizes his brother, squad member Danny Borelli (Andy Ahrens), is still inside, stuck beneath fallen concrete. Rushing back in to save him, it's no use — and Danny dies when the building finally implodes. 

Summing up fan response to the scene in a Reddit discussion about the episode, user u/CisternaChyli wrote simply enough, "Dick Wolf just keeps killing people." So, while the team clearly faces numerous challenges throughout the season, the fire that kills Danny Borelli is one of the most emotionally wrenching moments in Season 4 of "Chicago Fire."