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The Best Curse Of Oak Island Episode From Season 4 According To IMDb

Season 4 of "The Curse of Oak Island" sees the Lagina brothers following up on the incredible Season 3 discovery of a cavern at the bottom of Borehole 10-X, which marked a major turning point in their search for the island's mysterious treasure hoard. Borehole 10-X is the major focus of the season, as the team debates whether or not the cavern they uncovered is manmade, or if it is indeed the treasure vault they have been searching for all this time.

Unlike most seasons of "The Curse of Oak Island" (which have a tendency to drag out tedious excavation projects that end up leading nowhere), Season 4 has a clear goal and focus from the very beginning, and as such, it plays out in a much more linear manner than some of the series' other seasons. Another thing that helps Season 4 seem more believable and reliable than other seasons is the team's frequent use of carbon dating, which the team uses to identify the age of artifacts pulled from Borehole 10-X and other dig sites across the island.

Indeed, it seems that the abundance of carbon dating the team uses in Season 4 was a big hit with fans, since the highest-rated episode of that season is almost entirely focused on revealing the age of some timbers the team discovers in Borehole T-1.

IMDb users are in love with Of Sticks and Stones

According to IMDb, Episode 14 (titled "Of Sticks and Stones") is the best Season 4 episode of "The Curse of Oak Island." The episode currently holds an impressive 8.4 out of 10 on the rating platform, outranking all other episodes in the season and rivaling some of the best episodes in the series as a whole. "Of Sticks and Stones" focuses on a mysterious piece of oak the team uncovered from Borehole T-1, which doesn't match the other kinds of wood the team discovered within the borehole and its surrounding area. Carbon dating reveals that one sample taken from this mysterious oak timber was dated from 1670 to 1780, and another was dated from 1655 to 1695.

The discovery of this mysterious timber, which seems to have appeared on the island right around the time that the team believes the treasure was hidden, causes the Laginas to commit to a full-on excavation of Borehole T-1. Unfortunately, like most of their excavations, this project ends in disappointment when the team is unable to retrieve any more timbers from the borehole or any other artifacts whatsoever.

It's unclear why this episode in particular received such a high rating from users on IMDb, since in the end it doesn't answer any questions about Borehole 10-X, nor does it provide any key information about where the island's treasure might be. Perhaps fans just enjoyed getting a bit of confirmation that something did indeed happen on the island in the 1700s.