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The Worst Episode Of The Curse Of Oak Island According To IMDb

Imagine an island that's so saturated in mystery and legend that it's said to contain virtually every lost treasure known to humanity. Now, imagine that two brothers, who have been obsessed by this mythical place since boyhood, manage to purchase a large part of it for themselves, and get to spend their days excavating it in a valiant effort to locate the aforementioned treasures. 

Such is the premise of History's "The Curse of Oak Island," a reality show that centers around Marty and Rick Lagina, brothers and tireless treasure hunters on Oak Island — the rumored location of pirate treasure and other ultra-precious loot. Their search is currently on its Season 9, and while they've made some interesting discoveries, the hunt for the priceless and vast treasures the island supposedly hides goes on. 

The reality show has been running for a long time, and as you might expect, it's had its highs and lows over the years. But what's the single episode of "The Curse of Oak Island" that fans hate the most? Let's see what IMDb has to say. 

Fans don't have much love for The Templar Connection

According to IMDb, Season 5 episode "The Templar Connection" is far and away the most hated episode of "The Curse of the Oak Island." While every other rated episode of the show can manage a rating of at least 7.0 out of 10, this special episode stands at a meager 6.1. This is somewhat surprising, seeing as Season 5 has been known to rank among the most beloved seasons of "The Curse of Oak Island," with only Season 4 above it. Even more baffling is the fact that this surprisingly maligned episode comes in the middle of a saga involving the lead cross that's been called the biggest find ever in the show.  

The fans' ire may stem from the simple fact that "The Templar Connection" isn't your typical episode of "The Curse of Oak Island." Instead, it's a special episode that focuses on the Knights Templar, and speculates on how they might have played a part in the island's history. As such, excavation and hands-on work take the back seat in favor of some arguably far-fetched theories and history lessons ... and, as the episode's poor IMDb ratings show, "The Curse of Oak Island" fans really, really like the excavation and hands-on work.