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The Worst Curse Of Oak Island Episode From Season 3 According To IMDb

In early January of 2014, History invited television viewers on what promised to be the treasure hunt of a lifetime. Hosted by brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, "The Curse of Oak Island" took audiences to a small landmass off the coast of Nova Scotia that's said to house treasures beyond compare. As one could imagine, this premise has continued to bring in viewers with ease, hence why "Oak Island" is still a TV staple to this day — one that is currently up to a staggering nine seasons and well over 100 episodes.

While it's impressive that "The Curse of Oak Island" has spent so long on the airwaves, given its plot, this fact has begun to work against it. When the show premiered, people hoped that they'd witness archaeological history from the comfort of their living rooms in short order. However, the Laginas still have yet to make any groundbreaking discoveries, understandably driving many viewers to give up on their quest altogether. Nevertheless, the series trudges on, bolstering fan interest with minor finds and entertaining characters.

With all of this in mind, it's clear that "The Curse of Oak Island" is something of a mixed bag. Some episodes are enjoyable and fulfilling to watch, while others fail to live up to expectations. According to IMDb, this is the weakest installment out of those from Season 3, specifically.

Pipe Down didn't land with Oak Island viewers

The Season 3 premiere of "The Curse of Oak Island," titled "The Hole Truth," aired on November 10, 2015. It featured Rick and Marty Lagina returning to the titular locale after some time away, primed and ready to unearth its secrets with whatever they had at their disposal. Based on 69 ratings, the episode had earned 7.8 stars out of 10 on IMDb, which isn't the best grade of the season, but it's far from the worst. That honor narrowly goes to the following "Oak Island" entry, "Pipe Down."

The November 17, 2015 edition of the series only took home a 7.5 out of 10 rating thanks to its 67 total reviews. The episode follows the Laginas and their team's efforts to clear a path underground so that they can investigate what lies beneath. Apparently, this pitch didn't impress "Oak Island" viewers compared to the rest of Season 3's offerings. Although, it's worth noting that "The Overton Stone" and "Silence in the Dark" each boast a 7.5 too, but both received fewer overall reviews.

If you're ever in the mood for a "Curse of Oak Island" binge, you'll have no choice but to watch "Pipe Down," as well as "The Overton Stone" and "Silence in the Dark," once you get to Season 3. IMDb claims that they're not the most thrilling watches, but thankfully they're just a small sample of what that batch of episodes has in store.