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S. Epatha Merkerson's Favorite Chicago Med Scenes To Film

It's pretty common for television actors to have favorite episodes or scenes of the series they're in. Often these favorites are based on a specific storyline that allows them to showcase their emotional range more than is typical. Or it could be because of something unusual and out of character, like a flashback scene that shows where the character came from or something that transpired in their life to make them the way they are. 

S. Epatha Merkerson has played the role of Sharon Goodwin since "Chicago Med" began in 2015, and she's had some pretty emotionally draining storylines throughout the series. As the chief of services at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, Goodwin makes a lot of difficult choices regarding the doctors and the hospital operations. Furthermore, she has some intense personal storylines of her own, including the demise of her marriage in Season 1, Episode 18. Merkerson clearly has the acting skills to make all the stress and hardship her character deals with believable. As one of the stars of the show, she's given some amazing scenes, but which would be Merkerson's favorite?

S. Epatha Merkerson loves when the cast can all be on set together

For S. Epatha Merkerson, her favorite scenes from "Chicago Med" aren't necessarily the ones where she is in the spotlight, but rather, ones where the entire cast gets the opportunity to come together and shine. "Instead of one scene, I'd say all those scenes over the years when the entire cast is on set," she said in an interview celebrating One Chicago Day. She specifically cited the Season 7 Christmas episode "Secret Santa Has a Gift for You," which features a large holiday party where many of the central characters are present, as an example. Merkerson revealed, "This year we did a big Christmas scene ... when you're working you don't get to see everybody. It's just really a lot of fun when we're all together." 

The Christmas scene Merkerson is referring to wasn't the happiest of outcomes, given that the FBI came in to interrupt the party and arrest Cooper (Michael Rady) and Jessa (Angela Wong Carbone) on corruption charges after Goodwin turns them in. But it's clear Merkerson likes her castmates, and no matter how negative the storyline, she just wants them all to be together.