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The Walking Dead Episodes That Fans Always Skip On A Rewatch

After dominating the zombie genre for over a decade, AMC's "The Walking Dead" is finally coming to an end. The long-running apocalyptic series' three-part final season is down to its last eight episodes, and fans are eager to see how it all ends for the survivors. The announcement of upcoming spin-offs has given fans some idea of what will happen, but it's hard to say how the original series will wrap up.

While many viewers stopped watching the show several seasons ago, others are curious about the series finale and jumped back into the walker-filled drama to get caught up. With more than 150 episodes across its 11 seasons, this is quite the undertaking. It doesn't help that many fans have explained that they stopped tuning in because of the inconsistent pacing and what they consider to be skippable episodes.

Not every episode in a series is crucial to its overarching storylines, and fans of "The Walking Dead" admit that they don't mind skipping these episodes during rewatches.

TWD fans always skip these episodes

As fans of "The Walking Dead" know, the series has a reputation for putting out filler episodes and episodes where nothing noteworthy happens until the final ten minutes. On the show's subreddit, u/EternityOnDemand started a thread asking fans which episodes they skip over. They answered with Season 10 Episode 21, "Diverged," which follows Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) after they split up.

This meandering episode is widely considered the worst one in the entire series as it embodies every negative criticism the show has received. Others agreed with the OP, noting that it holds a mere 36% on Rotten Tomatoes.

"Diverged is definitely an episode you can skip over and it wouldn't effect the story for you at all," said u/Tough-Ad-5268.

Other answers included "We Are the End of the World" and "What We Become" from Season 10, "Swear" from Season 7, and "Slabtown" from Season 5. In general, fans weren't into the storylines involving the Governor, Oceanside, and the Whisperers. However, not everyone is willing to skip episodes.

"As much as I have a distaste for the walking dead now I don't skip anything, but I usually zone out on my phone," said u/DonTeca35.