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The MCU Character You Likely Forgot Severance's Zach Cherry Played

On the Apple TV+ science fiction series "Severance," set in the near future, technology has made it possible to bifurcate a person's memories, creating a "severed" version of the self that only exists at work, while the "outie" version is seemingly unaware of them. Several employees at sinister corporation Lumon Industries have gone through the procedure, including Mark Scout (Adam Scott) and Dylan (Zach Cherry). However the severed workers soon uncover a dark conspiracy at the heart of Lumon.

Hyper-competitive Dylan is Cherry's first big role on a television series, but the actor has been a great bit player on the small screen for years. He helped Roman through a managerial program on "Succession," guested on comedies like "Broad City" and "Search Party," and worked with Joe in the bookstore somehow without getting killed on thriller series "You."

But Cherry has also landed some film roles as well over the past half decade. He's even made multiple appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even if viewers may have a hard time remembering him.

Cherry made small but crucial cameos in two Marvel films

Zach Cherry first appeared in the Marvel universe when he made a small cameo in "Spider-Man: Homecoming" as a passionate street vendor who asks Spider-Man to do a flip. He even lets out a cry of delight when the hero obliges. Cherry was so good in his 11 seconds of screen time that he and "The Late Show" filmed a comedic segment where the actor, on the strength of his one scene, tries to get a Marvel spin-off movie for his character (via YouTube) with little success. 

Then in 2021, he filmed another bit part in the superhero franchise, this time getting a tiny role in "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" as a live streamer who captures Shang-Chi taking on several guys at once on the bus. Hilariously, Cherry's character also tries to grade the fight as it happens because he "did take a little bit of martial arts as a youth." Is it the same vendor from "Spider-Man," now living in San Francisco, or is the casting just a coincidence? Either way, Cherry's scenes are definitely highlights of both superhero movies.