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Why Amanda From Home Economics Looks So Familiar

Created by Michael Colton and John Aboud, "Home Economics" premiered on ABC in April 2021. The series follows the lives of the adult Hayworth siblings, who all live with varying degrees of wealth. Tom (Topher Grace), the oldest sibling, is a middle-class author, Sarah (Caitlin McGee), the middle child, is an unemployed child therapist struggling to make ends meet, and Connor (Jimmy Tatro), is a wealthy business owner dealing with a failing marriage. Set during the pandemic, the show deals with how the characters deal with quarantine and the immediate aftermath. Although they have their differences, the Hayworth siblings and their families manage to stick together through thick and thin.

Actress and comedian Nicole Byer appears in several episodes of "Home Economics" as Amanda, a book publisher who is interested in Tom's writing. Think you've seen Nicole Byer before? Here are the biggest roles of her career before appearing as Amanda in "Home Economics."

Nicole Byer made a brief appearance on 30 Rock

Blink and you'll miss Nicole Byer's appearance on "30 Rock." Created by "Saturday Night Live" alum Tina Fey, the series chronicles the antics of comedy show writer Liz Lemon (Fey) and her mentor, network executive Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), as they navigate the often surreal world of late night television. The episode in question, a Season 6 episode titled "Grandmentor," follows Liz as she takes on a mentor of her own, an NBC page named Hazel (Kristen Schaal). This undertaking gets off to a rocky start when Liz suggests that Hazel break up with her boyfriend, prompting Liz to seek out Jack's advice on the matter. Jack says that a mentor must set up their mentee to fail so they can learn from their mistakes. Liz asks Jack if he's set her up for failure in the past, which leads to a cutaway where Liz considers performing at the Apollo Theater, a statement that Jack responds to with feigned enthusiasm.

The episode continues on, but after the credits start to roll, viewers are gifted with a scene that shows us that Liz did in fact end up performing at the Apollo. Nicole Byer is credited as playing Mo'Nique Lookalike, the announcer who introduced Liz to the crowd. This role marked Byer's first appearance on a widely known project (via IMDb).

Byer is the host of Nailed It!

As of 2018, Nicole Byer is the co-host of "Nailed It!," a cooking show on Netflix that allows amateur bakers to show off their culinary talents to a panel of judges. The catch is that these bakers are known for producing terrible results in the kitchen, so all bets are off, and whoever can recreate the best edible masterpiece wins the ten thousand dollar prize. 

Alongside the expertise of co-host and chef Jacques Torres, Byer's talent as a comedian really shines through on this show. Her role as host and judge allow her to give constructive criticism that comes with a punchline. The ill-fated bakers struggle with the challenge, making for a hilarious and chaotic viewing experience. The series has aired six seasons, although production has currently been suspended after crew members failed to secure an agreement with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, an entertainment industry labor union (via Deadline).

She played a peppy mailroom attendant on The Good Place

Nicole Byer made a guest appearance in Season 3 of "The Good Place" in an episode titled "The Book of Dougs." 

At the end of the previous episode, Eleanor (Kristen Bell), Chidi (William Jackson Harper), Jason (Manny Jacinto), Janet (D'Arcy Carden), Tahani (Jameela Jamil), and Michael (Ted Danson) were expelled from Janet's void before winding up in the mailroom of the Good Place. They are greeted by the mailroom attendant, Gwendolyn (Byer). Realizing that being in the Good Place unauthorized will win them a one-way ticket to the Bad Place, the gang lies to Gwendolyn, who is so trusting and cheerful that she immediately buys their story. Michael takes advantage of Gwendolyn's naive nature in order to meet with the Good Place Committee about the points system that dictates how people get sorted in the afterlife. Meanwhile, Chidi and Eleanor consummate their relationship, and Tahani tries to help Janet and Jason work through their feelings for each other.

You might recognize Byer from her role as Trudy Judy on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The relationship between Doug Judy (Craig Ferguson) and NYPD Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) is one of the best running gags on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." Also known as the Pontiac Bandit, Doug Judy is first introduced in Season 1 and makes several appearances over the course of the series. Although he's Jake's self-proclaimed nemesis, the duo actually have a lot in common, a complication which usually leads to some fun shenanigans when it's time for Doug to face up to his crimes. 

As it turns out, Doug Judy has a sister, Trudy Judy (Nicole Byer), who is first introduced in Season 6, Episode 5, "A Tale of Two Bandits." Although she initially appears innocent, it is quickly revealed that Trudy is a car thief just like her brother. Doug and Jake enlist her in catching an arms dealer, but she later betrays them to avoid jail time. Byer and Ferguson are seriously believable as siblings and the dynamic only adds to Doug and Jake's established relationship. As always, Byer gives a buoyant performance as Trudy, who appears in two subsequent episodes of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

She plays Nicky on Grand Crew

Set in Los Angeles, "Grand Crew" follows the lives of a group of friends as they navigate love, friendship, and personal conflicts. The series stars Echo Kellem as Noah Koles and Byer portrays his sister, Nicky. 

The first episode follows Noah and his friends as he debates whether or not to propose to his girlfriend, who works as a server at the group's favorite bar. However, when the plan goes awry, they are forced to find a new place to drink. Meanwhile, Nicky has a more down to earth view of dating. Unlike her brother, who believes in destiny and rom-com tropes, Nicky is more realistic. Nicky takes a grounded approach when she goes on a date with a man who holds opposing political views. 

"Grand Crew" also features the talents of Justin Cunningham as Wyatt Fields, Aaron Jennings as Anthony Holmes, Carl Tart as Sherm Jones, and Grasie Mercedes as Fay. Each member of the group holds differing opinions on relationships and life, leading to some illuminating discussions that really tie the show together.