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El Muerto's Powers In The Marvel Universe Explained

The Marvel universe has a whole slew of interesting and varied characters with sometimes fantastic and unconventional powers and backstories. Recently, a new movie based on a Marvel character was announced by Sony, which is an attempt to further build their own Spider-Man adjacent cinematic universe. So far, people have seen the famous Spider-Man villain/anti-hero Morbius in his own movie, starring Jared Leto, which set up for the long gestating "Sinister Six" movie by means of an end-credits scene involving the Vulture (Michael Keaton) from "Spider-Man: Homecoming" (via LeeDaily). 

Not only have we seen the Vulture and Morbius on the silver screen, but we also have the upcoming "Kraven the Hunter" movie on the horizon. Besides "Kraven," the recently announced movie is "El Muerto," which is set to star famous rapper and professional wrestler Bad Bunny (via Variety). However, who exactly is El Muerto, and what kind of powers can we expect to see unfold before our very eyes?

El Muerto is granted incredible strength and speed from his mask and costume

El Muerto, or Juan-Carlos Estrada Sanchez as he is known outside of his costume, has an interesting backstory and even more interesting powers. To understand the nature of El Muerto, once must understand the history of the title. Much like another famous comic character, The Phantom, El Muerto is a title that is passed down through the generations, and alongside the name also comes incredible strength and speed. These physical attributes are tethered to the mask and costume of El Muerto, and the character is always destined to wrestle a figure named El Dorado in order to keep their powers and extend their lives (via Marvel).

That's right, El Muerto is actually a super-powered wrestler who is capable of lifting up to 30 tons, which certainly has to make the sport interesting to watch in the Marvel universe(s). While Juan-Carlos is young, he is taken to El Dorado to prove his worth by his father, but in a moment of panic, Juan-Carlos retreats from his destiny, which unfortunately causes his father to sacrifice himself to protect Juan-Carlos from El Dorado. This moment of sacrifice moves El Dorado, and he gives Juan-Carlos 10 years to prove himself before he is challenged again. Embracing his destiny, El Muerto goes to infamous Spider-Man detractor J. Jonah Jameson in order to fight Spider-Man for charity, which JJ hopes will result in Spider-Man becoming unmasked, and allow El Muerto to prove himself to El Dorado. Whether or not we will see the aforementioned event in the "El Muerto" movie is up for debate, but it will be interesting to see how a super-powered luchador wrestler plays out.