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The Best Find On American Pickers Season 15

History's "American Pickers" has followed host and creator Mike Wolfe and his pursuit of hidden treasures in America's garages and barns for over a decade. Danielle Colby-Cushman has been on hand to chase down leads and coordinate Wolfe's excursions from the Antique Archaeology offices in LeClaire, Iowa, and until 2021, Wolfe was joined on the road by co-collector Frank Fritz. They have a particular affection for vehicles and antique signage, and often uncover items with interesting historical or Hollywood backstories

Season 15 was full of such treasures, including the Episode 8 find of the Cessna that Frank Corder flew into the White House in 1994, as well as two late '60s treasures: a mint condition Ford Bronco in Episode 13, and a model of the Apollo lunar module in Episode 3. Episode 6 was particularly fruitful, with Mike and Frank finding a trove of 1930s Cadillacs and some beautiful old signs on a California farm. But it was their visit to the home of a one-of-a-kind artist earlier in the episode that yielded the most interesting find of the season.

Artist Larry Fuente's property is full of treasures, including Fuente himself

In Season 15, Episode 6, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz visit Mendocino county artist Larry Fuente, who has an item on permanent display at the Smithsonian, a property full of fascinating creations and artifacts, and a head full of stories and flair for telling them. Fuente shows them some of his animal-motorcycle hybrids, including one Harley Davidson with a carousel horse placed atop it, and another with a taxidermy hog's head mounted in front.

The real material treasure is Fuente's Cowasaki, a trike that is half cow, half machine, and — according to its creator — capable of speeds of more than 100 mph. Fuente said he appreciates that the pun that came from literally combining a cow and a Kawasaki and "it just seemed like it would be perfectly stupid. Stupid seems to be a good reason to do a lot of things that I do."

Sometimes Mike and Frank's greatest treasures aren't the things they uncover but the people they meet, and Larry is a perfect example of such a rare find. "Frank and I always say we're looking for the unusual and we're looking for the impossible," Mike says. "And when we say that, we're not just talking about the stuff. We're talking about the people, man. We're talking about the stories, the places we travel; all of that rolled into one good time today." Fuente's art is amazing, but his energy and personality were the true rare finds of Season 15.