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The Crown Season 6 Casting Call Is Very Revealing

The British Royal Family might appear glamorous, but their lives are governed by a rigorous set of rules they must follow, and the press and the public are always keeping a keen eye on them for any juicy scandals or misconducts. It's no wonder that their ceremony-filled lives have inspired countless movies and TV shows over the years, but few projects have subjected the Windsors to the kind of attention Netflix's "The Crown" has. Though technically a period drama, Peter Morgan's show follows Queen Elizabeth II and her family from 1947 onwards, dramatizing their major real-life events over the decades, and switching actors to fit the time period in question. So far, the Queen has been portrayed by Claire Foy and Olivia Colman, with Imelda Staunton taking over for the upcoming seasons 5 and 6.   

Of course, the Queen might be the centerpiece of the show, but she's still just one part of its whole allure. "The Crown" is known for dramatizing a whole bunch of real, well-known historical figures with truly inspired casting. As the show's sixth season is nearing production, fans are interested to see which real-life figures are next to enter the show's universe, and who will be playing them. With that in mind, let's take a look at a very revealing casting call for "The Crown" Season 6. 

Kate Middleton will be in The Crown Season 6

Season by season, the Netflix series has been slowly inching toward the present. Kate Middleton entered the picture in the early 2000s, Prince William proposed to her in 2010 ... and, according to Variety, "The Crown" very much intends to make her a part of its Season 6. The woman currently known as Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, won't enter the show fully royaled up, though. A casting call reportedly calls for an actor who falls in the younger end of the Middleton spectrum, which implies that her storyline, while significant, may focus on the early years of the couple's relationship. 

The casting call states to be looking for "an exceptional young actor to play Kate Middleton. This is a good role in this award-winning drama and we are looking for a strong physical resemblance."

Given that "The Crown" Season 5 is yet to premiere, and Season 6 won't start shooting until August 2022, it will be a good while before we see the show's versions of Middleton and Prince William. Meanwhile, count on Looper to keep you informed about news on the casting front.