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The Worst Criminal Minds Episode From Season 4 According To IMDb

The CBS drama "Criminal Minds" has its share of forgettable episodes. Over the course of 15 seasons, while the show racked up great ratings on websites like IMDb, where the show has an overall rating of 8.1/10, and scores of fans, there are a few odd episodes throughout that fail to hit the mark.

In particular, Season 4 is a much-loved season of the series, with an Audience Score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. Some of the most popular episodes of the show are in this season. Whether it's "Minimal Loss," which has Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) going undercover in a cult led by Luke Perry's Benjamin Cyrus, or "Masterpiece," which features Jason Alexander's Professor Rothschild leading the team on a chase with little clues, the fans see serial killers bring out the absolute best profiling skills in the members of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. Also, who can forget the episode "Omnivore," which introduces C. Thomas Howell's George Foyet, a.k.a. "The Reaper," who proves to be one of the most formidable enemies the BAU ever goes up against.

But even with all of these memorable and goosebumps-giving episodes, there are a few episodes in "Criminal Minds" Season 4 that do not enthrall the audience like the others. Still, there is one specific episode that really falls short, according to IMDb.

Demonology is the worst episode in Criminal Minds Season 4

With one jaw-dropping episode lined up after another, the 17th episode of "Criminal Minds" Season 4 just doesn't meet the expectations set by the show. "Demonology" brings the profilers of the BAU into a conversation about religion, as they begin to investigate a series of deaths that increasingly show signs of being a result of exorcisms. The profilers soon deduce that the killer is a priest who believes that his victims are possessed by demons.

While the episode presents an interesting premise, even tying Emily Prentiss' past to the plot — as one of her childhood friends, Matthew Benton (Jaret Sacrey), is one of the victims — the story is not as impactful as the others that precede and follow "Demonology." The slightly underwhelming and predictable antagonist and major plot points don't help matters either.

In a powerful season, this episode — which feels like it belongs in one of the later seasons that arguably mark the decline of the show — is the lowest-rated on IMDb with a rating of 7.0/10. While the rating is not low, necessarily, it is the lowest by the standards of the season, with several episodes hitting the high 8.5 mark. Unfortunately, it looks like "Demonology" is just the downside of having an otherwise splendid season.