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The Most Awkward Frank Moment Ever On American Pickers

When antique buying reality show "American Pickers" first premiered on History, it followed co-hosts Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe's travels across America in search of valuables they might be able to flip for a profit at Wolfe's antique shop. All the while, their business partner Danielle Colby would hold down their base of operations in a small town in Iowa.

Eventually, after nearly a decade on the air, a feud between Fritz and Wolfe resulted in the series continuing sans Fritz, hosted instead by just Wolfe and Colby. Since then, "American Pickers" has advanced into its twenty-third season in this incarnation. All the while, hiring a replacement for Fritz remains an option should the show's producers ever feel the need to do so.

By all appearances, then, Fritz's tenure is a done deal. Looking back on his likely-completed body of work, one scene in particular stands out as what may well be the most awkward moment from throughout the twenty-plus seasons he spent hosting "American Pickers."

Frank Fritz is turned down over and over again

In the first episode of "American Pickers" Season 18, Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe visit an antique dealer's warehouse in California. In footage included from a visit to the same warehouse six years prior, the "American Pickers" hosts dealt solely with owner Mark. This time around, however, his son Jimmy is partially in charge of deciding what may or may not be for sale.

Wolfe and Fritz essentially split off from one another, as Wolfe negotiates purchase with Mark, and Fritz with Jimmy. While Wolfe successfully buys a couple of items with relative ease, Jimmy turns down Fritz's inquiries in some of the antiques in the warehouse time and time again. Fritz even tells viewers that Jimmy denies him the sale of a specific sign that he remembers Mark offering up six years prior.

In the comments section beneath a clip of this scene on YouTube, one user commented, "I honestly felt sorry for Frank. That situation with the son saying no to everything was becoming extremely awkward." The majority of comments that follow similarly criticize Jimmy's repeated refusals to sell to Fritz.

The high level of difficulty Jimmy poses to Fritz's ability to do his job make this arguably the most awkward moment from the entirety of Fritz's tenure on the series.