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The Best Stellaride Moment From Chicago Fire Season 9

On-screen romances are just adorable, aren't they? And "Chicago Fire" — the 10-season (and ongoing) series starring Taylor Kinney, Christian Stolte, Kara Killmer, Jesse Spencer, and Miranda Rae Mayo — is known for having its titular firefighters get just as hot with each other as they do in burning buildings. These character-building interactions are a big part of the show's appeal with viewers, and the love felt between Sylvie Brett (Killmer) and Matthew Casey (Spencer) is currently getting some major focus in Season 10.

However, the pairing of Kelly Severide (Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Mayo) is also a popular fixture of the show. Lovingly referred to as Stellaride, the connection and attraction between Severide and Kidd becomes immediately apparent at their first introduction to each other. Although Severide has been one of the main characters since the inception of "Chicago Fire," Kidd wasn't introduced until Season 4 — and once they met, it didn't take long for the two to truly hit it off. They share a kiss before the end of that season, even though they don't officially start dating until the Season 6 episode, "The Chance to Forgive." 

Considering how long Stellaride has been active in "Chicago Fire," what could be considered the best moment of the couple from Season 9?

Severide proposes to Kidd in the middle of a burning building

Season 9 not only sees Brett and Casey grow together as a couple, but is also features Severide and Kidd getting even closer in the penultimate episode, "A White-Knuckle Panic." This particular episode focuses on Kidd's recent promotion to Lieutenant and what it means for the future of "Chicago Fire." However, Kidd's promotion also causes some apprehension in Severide, who was planning on proposing to Kidd.

Later in the episode, the "Chicago Fire" team is called to a fire, and both Severide and Kidd are trapped inside the building. Severide admonishes Kidd for coming back for him, but she retorts that she will always be there, which is something that Severide hadn't considered. As the two try to break through a grated window and the flames burn brighter, Severide realizes that they need each other, and he removes his helmet and mask in order to propose to Kidd. Once she sees what he is doing, she also removes her equipment and offers a resounding response to his question. "Hell yes," she replies as they then embrace and kiss in the fire-filled hallway. 

For all the Stellariders out there watching, this was easily the best moment of the season. This natural progression of their affinity for one another is filled with both danger and romance, and this moment helped solidify the growing love between the two characters. Even in the midst of a raging inferno, there is nothing else in the world but them.